fashionably early.

*The title of this post absolutely, positively, does NOT refer to me. I fear that I will never again be early for anything. In my life. Ever again.

For example; World Prematurity Day was Tuesday. And here I am, posting on Thursday...


While I never expected to carry twins to term, I also didn’t expect them to come six weeks early.

Though 34 weeks isn’t too incredibly early for twins, we were hoping for 37-38 weeks based on my healthy, complication-free pregnancy. We had plans for an induction around the first of July if they hadn’t come spontaneously by then.

But our boys couldn’t wait.

And just in that statement it’s so crazy to me to think that just over five months ago we didn’t even know that our boys were boys, yet at times it seems we’ve known them all of our lives. The personalities they display today are the exact same tiny personalities they displayed in the womb and in the first few weeks during their stay in the NICU. Of course their character traits have become more defined, and their personalities have certainly grown over time, but at their core, their individual natures remain the same.

Twin A is determined to be the twin slightly lower, in the position to come out first. And in our case it makes perfect sense, as Twin A was Theo. Our strong-willed, Type A, little man. He’s quick to pick up on things, even if he doesn’t do them correctly, or remember how to do them long term. HE. MUST. BE. FIRST. He came out first. He learned how to eat first (at least a bottle- he screamed anytime a boob came near his face for two months). He came home from the hospital first. He rolled over first (at 5 weeks- multiple times, and has never done it again). But then he just sorta forgets. Or gets so excited about the next thing, or focused on something else, that he loses interest.

Twin B, our relaxed Nolie Polie, doesn’t always catch on to things so quickly. For instance breathing outside of the womb. He needed some help with that. And eating. He didn’t really catch on to that so quickly either, which earned him a couple of extra days in the NICU. He’s shown no desire to roll over, however I’ve seen him use strength that would allow him to do so and I’m almost positive he could do it, if he wanted. But he’s just content wherever he may be. So very Type B.

Both are so incredibly sweet, so full of smiles and love and laughter. Theo smiles widely, then shies away. It’s flirtatious and adorable. Nolan smiles, his whole face smiles, and there is nothing shy about it.

They own my heart. They light up my world. They bring me sunshine when I’m faced with rain. Today, on World Prematurity Day, I feel so lucky that they decided to come out to meet us six weeks early. No amount of time could ever be enough with these two, but we’ll forever have those six bonus weeks.


What a year!

One year ago Monday I discovered I was pregnant. There’s no way I could possibly sum up what an absolutely crazy year it has been since that discovery but I am loving the idea of reliving it all this year, on the other side. 

Now it’s fun to look back and think things like “oh, I was pregnant in this picture but nobody knew”. Or tell my family stories about how I was drinking non-alcoholic wine & faked that shot of Rumchata at Thanksgiving last year. 

News of our pregnancy got out much sooner than we’d hoped it would, and while I’m grateful I didn’t have to fake drink or pretend to have energy through any more holiday events, I have to admit I wish I’d had a little more time with the secret all to ourselves.

Nonetheless I’m so excited for what this next year holds, and if the past year is any indication of how quickly it will go, I’d better buckle my seatbelt and get my camera ready because I don’t want to miss any tiny bit of this!

All this to say, it is truly incredible what a difference a year makes. How much can change in one single year. And just how swiftly one year can go by. Whether you’re in a good place right now, a bad place, or an in between place. Know that within a year, you could be in such a different place that you don’t even recognize yourself. 

Here’s to growth. To change. To living in the moment. 

And here’s to the freakin’ weekend.


I bet you think that because I haven’t been around much lately, I’ve forgotten all about blogging, or that I no longer have time for this little space on the web. While the latter is at least partially true, the former couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve got so many ideas, so much to share, and I’ve been drafting posts like crazy. I found blogs to be SUCH a great resource while pregnant, and still do, almost daily, as we go through different stages and experiences with the boys. It’s nice to get a pediatrician’s advice, or read from one of the baby “manuals”, but there is nothing quite like hearing about another parent’s experience with their own children.

If I can return the favor and help one mom know that there is hope to breastfeed a baby that once screamed his head off any time a nipple came near his face (but that bottle feeding and formula are okay too!) or provide a sliver of comfort to expectant twin parents wondering how in the world they’re going to do it (if we can do it, you can too!), or let a new mother know that yes, she is crazy for Googling allofthethings (but at least she’s not alone!), then that’s exactly what I want to do.

But it doesn’t feel right here. I need a new space. A space that feels a little more twin-centric. A new name. A new look. There will still be plenty of normal life stuff, but the very biggest part of what’s “normal life” for me now involves two little (FOUR MONTH OLD!!) guys, and it seems appropriate to change things up to reflect what has been the biggest change in my life, thus far.

So be on the lookout for a new name. A new URL. And if you’re interested in the daily adventures (well… let’s shoot for weekly) of life with twins, then please stick with us! I can’t promise a regular posting schedule but I CAN promise cuteness. And that’s enough to at least check back for every once in awhile, right?
 I hope this sunny Saturday finds you out  apple picking or pumpkin patching or something equally autumnal. Justin is at a beer festival we’ve attended for many years. A day that usually finds me sipping craft brews and often times, just being one of the guys.

This year I opted to stay home with a different group of guys and we’re doing fun things like testing out lactation pancake recipes and taking selfies and napping.

As we approach the anniversary of discovering I was pregnant, which is surrounded by quite a few annual traditions of ours, I can’t help but sit back and reflect on how much can change in a year.

There is absolutely no way, that a year ago, I could have predicted my life right now. There’s no way I could have predicted just how sweet life could be. Even if sometimes it involves one brother trying to eat another.

get in my brain

but be careful, it can get a little crazy in here.

// I have had ZERO ice cream this week. When I shared this fact with Justin he made me stick out my hand to see if I was shaking from withdrawals.

// Speaking of Justin, he’s obsessed with making sure our children aren’t too hot or cold. Despite me telling him a thousand times that babies tend to have poor circulation and therefore cold hands or feet aren’t necessarily a sign that they are cold, he insists on adjusting their clothing/blanket situation accordingly. It’s cute. But also annoying.

// I’m back to work full-time, but full-time now means only four days a week. I have Thursdays off. Thursday=my favorite day of the week


// I’ve been thinking a lot about working out lately. That’s all, just thinking about it. Unless you count Thursday when I accidentally walked the almost three mile round-trip to the grocery store, pushing our double stroller in gale force winds. The accidental part was not realizing it was so far away. I mean, it seems like just a couple blocks when driving! 

// The fact that I think three miles is a long way is also a good indication of my fitness level right now. I have a plan for that. But for now I’m going to continue just thinking about working  out.

// I just paused writing this post to get up and scoop myself some ice cream so just go ahead and disregard what I said up there. Instead let’s focus on the fact that we’ve had ice cream in the house all week and this is the first time I’ve eaten any.

// I turned my kid into a meme last week… And yes. He did poop on a pretty girl. One that lives in Australia, meaning he won’t get a chance to redeem himself until she visits again in the spring. 

// I made a version of these bars this week. But with GOLDEN OREOS. I haven’t stopped thinking about them. 

// A few years ago everyone started making a big fuss about women that have a bitchy look on their face when not engaged in conversation. I swear it was originally referred to as Bitchy Resting Face. It recently occurred to me that the majority of the population that speaks of such things, now refers to it as Resting Bitch Face. Correct me if I wrong but it’s the resting face that’s bitchy. It’s not the bitch face that’s resting. If your bitch face was resting it wouldn’t be a bitch face at all, right? Like, your bitch face is on break so your happy face is making an appearance. Right?? 

// While putting away the dishes this AM, was a thisclose to angrily accusing J of taking silverware to work and not bringing it back. Seriously, we were down to 2 spoons, a fork, and only the knives that we never use. Eyebrows furrowed in anger, I decided to look around for the missing silverware. Under the couch, on his nightstand. Nothing. Then I looked in the dishwasher. Apparently I failed to tell our nanny that we haven’t used that thing in years. And then it occurred to me that we’ve had a non-functioning dishwasher for years. We’ve been hand washing for years. We are so fancy.

// My mom hand made my Halloween costumes every year until the year I decided that it wasn’t cool to have my mom hand make my Halloween costumes  anymore. I’m so excited that she’s carrying on the tradition with her grandbabies. I’ll give you a hint about what they’re going to be. 

Hint: it’s not one of these twin costumes! But these are all pretty cute too.

// I sent this text to J earlier today. More as like a whiny complaint than expecting him to actually do anything about it. 

He came home with this:

I drank approximately one half of a beer. Took 4 sips of soda (do you squeeze the bottle to keep it fizzy if you’re like me and take a couple days to finish it??). And I devoured the unpictured cheeseburgers he made us for dinner. What. A. Guy.

Side note: I’m a total Coca Cola girl but for some reason I craved Diet Pepsi while pregnant and it just stuck.

// blackberry cucumber La Croix is my real jam these days though.

//I finally got my first Stitch Fix last week! It was super fun and I loved a couple of the items. Unfortunately most of them were too small in the boobs so I was only able to keep one. I will most definitely do it again though!

// It’s October 3rd. So naturally we watched “Mean Girls”.

// Watching “Mean Girls” made me realize that I quote a LOT of movies but when using said quotes, I don’t always know exactly what movie  they came from. 

// Nolan is the King of finding comfy positions to nap and/or just chill. I envy this dudes ability to make every situation a comfy one!


// If I go to bed right now I can probably get five consecutive hours of sleep. 


nightstand update 

Last April I did a little Sunday 20 post that included a bit about what was on my nightstand. It ended up being kinda deep and I think of that post every time I climb into bed. More specifically I think about how much I still love every little piece that’s on my nightstand. 

But this morning after feeding the boys, I looked over and had to laugh at the current state of it and how it really says so much about our current state and how I feel each day is. 

Each day is wonderful and fun and exciting and new with two babies. But it’s also pretty messy. I won’t claim that our house was always tidy before having babies, not even close. But I feel like all we do these days is clean, yet everything is still always a mess.

Our current breastfeeding situation is an entirely different post for a different day, but the Cliff’s Notes version is that I generally tandem nurse the boys every morning when I’m not working. They’re usually pretty sleepy around this time so we end up snuggling/reading/signing and both generally fall asleep. Since I tend to be still half asleep myself, I like to use this time to chill as well. Eat breakfast, drink a little coffee. I also pump during this time. But then the boys wake up ravenous and I don’t have much to offer them so it’s a rush to warm a couple bottles.

We tandem bottle feed, their bellies are full again, and this is the aftermath.

All of the stuff that’s always been plus: 

-giant glass of water

-giant Tupperware filled with water for warming bottles

-empty Chobani Flip (Key Lime Crumble- the best!)

-empty bottles 

-breast pump + nipple cream sticking out the side

-Where the Wild Things Are

-bottle of fenugreek

-expressed milk

And over here we have these happy babies that put up with their momma’s selfie session.

And that pretty much sums up life these days. 



29 thoughts while I’m away

A few weeks ago I started easing back into work two days a week. Even though my boys are super duper lucky and get the best baby sitter ever- GRANDMA!!- there were definitely some tears when I left the first day. I’ve since learned to appreciate my time away, interacting with other adults, and having a little freedom to run an errand without loading up the boys after making sure they’re fed/changed/content. But I’d be lying if I said my brain was focused on work the entire time I’m at work. It’s safe to say that I have NEVER in my life had such a wandering mind. These are just a handful (if you have big hands, I guess) of the thoughts that run through my brain throughout the course of a day away from my sweet little munchkins.


1. Does my mom have my phone number just in case she needs to reach me?! 

2. Am I wearing a bra? *grabs boobs* 

3. Is it just me or is everyone looking at me funny? Are my boobs leaking?? *grabs boobs*

4. I wonder what my babies are doing right now?

5. I am so tired.

5. Should I text my mom to make sure she has my number?

6. I should just check Facebook quick to see if she’s posted any photos of what they’re doing right now.

7. *grabs boobs* Time to pump!

8. Do they miss me?

9. I am sooo tired…

10. I wonder if they’ve had any poopy diapers yet.

11. Do I have spit up in my hair?

12. Crap, found a crusty chunk of hair. I must smell like sour milk.

13. It can’t hurt to just call my mom real quick to make sure she has my number and to see what they’re doing right now.

14.  But they should be eating right now so I won’t interrupt. I hope they’re eating right now!

15. I am really very tired.

16. I think I’ll just scroll through my camera roll so I don’t forget what my babies look like while I’m gone.

17. So. Effing. Tired.

18. Shit. Cute family walking by with a wobbly toddler and a cute dog. My boobs are for sure leaking now. *grabs boobs*

19. Time to pump!

20. I should really wash my nursing bra.

21. Will my boobs be smaller when the boys are done nursing? Hope so! *grabs boobs*

22. I should probably find another article to read about just how much caffeine the babies will get if I have a little more coffee.

23. I wonder what they’re doing right now?

24. Maybe I should walk to Starbucks to get some fresh air, enjoy my “freedom” before the work day is done. And maybe just get a tall iced coffee.

25. Why do the hours go by so slowly when not spent changing diapers and feeding babies?

26. Can I go home yet?

27. If I get pulled over for speeding and tell the officer I was racing home to see my babies, will I get out of the ticket?

28. Maybe if I splash some water on my shirt and tell him I’m leaking and really need to get home!

29. Ahhhh, finally home. 

Home. Where being half naked and covered in breast milk is expected. Where my babies are smiley after a day with grandma. Grandma is equally happy after a day with her grand babies and she most definitely has my phone number. But I’ll still double check tomorrow. :) 


can I love them too much?

can I hold them too tight?

can I give them too many kisses?

can two sweeter things exist in my world?

how can two months go by so quickly?

how can I even begin to describe how these two have made every single day of the past two months better than I could have possibly imagined?


I simply cannot.