National Ice Cream Day!

Yes, friends, it does exist. A day that celebrates the deliciousness that is ice cream. Not that I normally need an excuse, but today left me with no choice but to indulge in that creamy, frozen treat. I actually won an ice cream argument, which meant we went to Cold Stone, rather than hubby’s favorite Dairy Queen. I tried a sample of their new flavor, Strawberry Basil, but was underwhelmed and went for my old favorite standby, Cookie Mintster. Yum!

Fielder says “Momma, will you puh-leeease share with me?!”

It was imperative to eat quick, as the temps here in the Midwest are SOARING right now. A steamy 92ish degrees today and supposedly getting warmer as the week progresses. Eeesh! Luckily, I’m a fan of the sauna-like weather, but also plan to spend plenty of time indoors, drinking plenty of ice-cold water. And grape Kool-Aid. I mean, really, what’s more refreshing than Kool-Aid on a hot, summer day?!


Actually, this glass of Kool-Aid also contains some fresh lemons and a bit of good ol’ Country Time Lemonade. SO REFRESHING!

here, have a sip!
I’d be lying if I said today’s indulgences stopped with ice cream and Kool-Aid (did I mention it was sugar-free??)… You see, hubby and I just got married last weekend. Despite not taking a honeymoon immediately (that will happen when these super-hot temps prove bi-polar and bring us loads of snow and ice during that season that starts with a “w”), we have sort of been in honeymoon-mode. We took a few days off of work, didn’t really do anything but eat. We didn’t have any plans this weekend, which is a total rarity, so… we ate. We started our morning okay…it was noon, with a trip to the grocery store for today’s meals and to stock up for the week. I knew I wanted to make some fresh guacamole at some point. I also thought BLTs sounded like a great, summery choice. Hubby thought sweet corn sounded good. Oh, and so did that jalapeño cheddar bratwurst in the shiny, deli window. And then I spotted some shrimp. So we threw it ALL in the cart, just before spotting the nice lady handing out samples of some frozen pizza we’d never tried. Our hungry bellies loved it and decided we should probably grab one of those for lunch. And when would we eat the rest of this stuff?! I guess that is still to be determined.
I came home and immediately started whipping up the guacamole, missing one essential ingredient. The grocery store was out of limes. Out of limes?! Can you believe that?! But, I realllly wanted that guac so I substituted real lime juice for bottled Real Lime Juice and pretended it was the real deal. Totally not the real deal. The rest of the ingredients were looking super yummy though, so I didn’t waste any more time crying over lime juice. Or a lack thereof.
missing a guacamole essential... no limes at the store 😦

I must admit, the avocadoes were slightly disappointing. They didn’t have that sharp avocado-green color that I love so much, but this bowl of goodness tasted mighty fine with some organic blue corn tortilla chips!

¡que rico!
Whilst I mixed up my favorite Mexican side dish, hubby also donned his apron and slaved over the aforementioned frozen pizza. Few frozen pizzas come between me and my Tombstone, but this one was not. too. shabby. Maybe it’s just because we’re baseball fans (Go Brewers!), but we both thought this Home Run Inn pizza really “hit it outta the park”. :p


cut into squares, per my request...the corner pieces are my fave!
We completed a few chores around the house, and then it was time for dinner!
Hubby (aka “J” from here on out) and I shucked the sweet corn in the sweltering heat, while Fielder watched from inside.


I hate all those little "hairs"!
"Hey guys, don't forget about me in here!"
Back inside, I started slicing tomatoes and concocting a zippy, lemony mayo for my BLT. J isn’t a fan of condiments. What the?!
No real measurements, just threw some of my favorite mayo with olive oil into a dish with a squeeze of fresh lemon, some garlic salt, pepper, and dill weed. Tasty!
All the prep was done and we finally sat down to our summer evening feast!
Our plate of BLT essentials.
I slathered some of that tasty mayo on my toast, threw on a layer of tomato, topped with bacon, lettuce and my other piece of toast and bit into BLT heaven. SO good! And so was the sweet corn!
While all super yummy, this was soooo much food for one day. Since we already had dessert earlier in the day, I stuck to ice cold water the rest of the night. Ooops, except for that little glass of chocolate milk before bed. Oh well, back to the workout routine tomorrow, right? Good night!

3 thoughts on “National Ice Cream Day!

  1. This is soooooo you! I look forword to the next day in the life of Mr and Mrs Larson ( wow that sounds like you should be a typing teacher) Ha HA HA. Love you!


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