Fall Fun!

So, these Fall Checklists seem to be all the rage on Pinterest as of late. They are super fun, but some of the items just aren’t realistic for everyone. I sort of have my own checklist of things that I MUST do every fall. It goes a little something like this:

1. Bake with pumpkin. –DONE!
2. Bake with apples. — DONE!

{3. Go back to my brunette roots. — DONE!
4. Buy new fall boots. — DONE!
5. Buy new fall bag. — DONE!
6. Visit apple orchard/pumpkin patch. — DONE!}
All 4 shown below:

7. Compare Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte with Panera Pumpkin Spice Latte. — DONE! Starbucks wins this year. Last year Panera took the prize.

8. Come up with a fun Halloween costume that I probably won’t wear. — DONE! And I wore it. I channeled my inner 50s housewife and gussied myself for a night of…work. 😦 It was still fun though!

9. Light ALL of my yummy fall candles throughout the house at the same time. –DONE!

10. Corn maze–I have NEVER done this before! –Didn’t get this one completed, but I DID visit a haunted forest!

11. Make a fall wreath.

12. Eat cider donuts. — DONE!
13. Drink copius amounts of apple cider. — DONE!

I guess I’m not doing so bad on my checklist, I’m really embracing fall this year despite the nasty season the follows. Here are some more pics from my trip to the pumpkin patch:

What’s on your fall fun checklist?!

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