You Know How I Know It’s Fall?

Yep, that’s how. Colorful, shedding trees every where I look. Fielder and I decided to take a walk and soak up the sunshine and wonderful autumn colors.

Look! This one is so Packer-y!



I love all of the different stages of autumn that you see on every tree.

This one looks like it's suffering from some premature balding!


This one was my favorite. Right near the end of our walk.


In other, non-fall colors related news, I found these today.

Delicious as suspected, but honestly…no better than the original. I am a die-hard Original Oreo fan. None of that Double Stuf business, give me equal amounts of cooke with a bit of cream in the middle and call me happy. I may just rejoice if said cream in the middle is mint flavored. Ohhh, yum! But let’s save the mint and chocolate talk for Christmas, capiche?!

After spotting a classmate eat the “Sausage and Cheese Combo” from the school cafeteria today, I got a hankering for, well, sausage and cheese.

Lunch Time!

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

While I love the warm, sunny afternoons and changing colors on the trees, there are far too many wonderful things about fall for me to pick just one. In fact, maybe I’ll be blog about all of my favorite fall things! Stay tuned.

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