If you live in southern Wisconsin and have never been to American Players Theater, you must go.
If you ever visit southern Wisconsin, you must go to American Players Theater.
Heck, I’d say you should even plan a trip to southern Wisconsin just to visit APT.

I grew up in Spring Green, home of APT. It is also home to some other cool things like Taliesin, The House on the Rock, and some of the most beautiful scenic views you could imagine. Said views are, of course, a bit more appealing in the summer season. As a child and teen living in Spring Green, I cannot honestly say that I thought APT was cool. We usually went once a year to see a Shakespearean play for an English class. My parents weren’t really into it, nor were any of my friends. But since moving away, I (my parents too!) have gained a new appreciation for the wonder that is the theater atop the hill. It is truly a magical place.
My words, nor pictures could ever do this place justice, but let me tell you that it is a gem. So much talent, beauty, so much MAGIC, happens atop that hill. Over the past few years, my parents and I have seen some wonderful shows Up the Hill at APT and we were elated when they built the Touchstone Theater so even more performances were a possibility.

"Up The Hill"

Indoors at the Touchstone Theatre

During the regular season (May-October), APT features 4-5 plays at both the indoor and outdoor theaters. Then, during the magical month of December, The Gift of the Magi is performed to nearly sold-out audiences over the course of two weeks. In the indoor theater, of course. Wisconsin is cooooold in December. Well, normally it is but this year we’re having unseasonably warm temps. Still not warm enough for outdoor performances though.

Last night, for my birthday, I went to see The Gift of the Magi with my mom and dad, as well as my dear friend, Melissa. She’s always up for a good time, fits right in with my family (even went on a trip to Mexico with us a couple years ago!) and, unlike my husband who chose to skip the show, appreciates a night at the theater. We had a truly wonderful, magical, time. Obviously the story of the The Gift of the Magi never changes, but with the addition of amazing music by the super-talented James Devita, this show was unbelievable. I laughed, I cried, I didn’t want it to end!

I could go on for hours about the show, but the word magical simply sums it up. Turns out, we were in for even more of an experience, as there was live music by Anna Vogelzang, beer and wine tasting by Furthermore Beer and Convivio, and the opportunity to chat with the actors from the show. The show only has just three actors, plus two musicians. While I’m unfamiliar with the one musician, I do know that the other four cast members are nearly full-time residents of Spring Green and very active in the community, not to mention incredibly nice people. My dad chit-chatted with acquaintances while mom, Melissa and I did some browsing in the gift shop. From across the room I spotted the most wonderful hat I’d ever seen… A CUPCAKE HAT! I had to have it. And since I’m still a spoiled only child ;), my mom bought it for me.

Shopping fun!

After our APT adventure, we swapped dad for husband and hit up our favorite local watering hole, The Shed. We imbibed. We sang karaoke. And I’ll leave it at that. The pictures of me dancing and singing karaoke (whilst wearing my cupcake hat, of course) are simply not meant for this blog. But this one was taken before all of the craziness began.

Husband, Melissa, Jeannie (a friend and former castmate of mine from local theatre performances), my beautiful mother and I.

Have you ever been to APT? Or is there something similar in your neck of the woods?

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