Peanut Butter Love

You know what I love about peanut butter? Aside from it’s obvious deliciousness, of course. It goes with EVERYTHING. Seriously. Throw it into a batch of cookies…amazing. Add it to a sandwich…delightful. Add it to a veggie stir fry…prefectly dandy. Ice cream, chocolate, crackers, celery, you name it, peanut butter makes it better. Of course all of those other nut butters are great too, but I just love me some classic peanut butter once in awhile.

Classic, creamy peanut butter…

Yesterday I feasted (yes, feasted) on a ginormous gala apple with a tablespoon or so of peanut butter for a snack before work. It was SO good. And it inspired me to use some good ol’ p.b. in my lunch today. I should mention that I was also inspired by Jordan over at Food, Sweat, and Beers who aims to use up all perishable items in her fridge before going out of town for the holidays. For lunch yesterday I had a salad with some chicken tenders I cooked in a pan with the simplest of ingredients: water, salt, and pepper. I tossed them with red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, black beans, grape tomatoes, and baby spinach. Yum! I still had all of those ingredients but didn’t want to make the same salad today. This is where the peanut butter comes in. I wish I could tell you that I have exact measurements so you could make this exact protein-packed meal, but of course I do not. Here’s what I did:

-spoon a few tablespoons of natural peanut butter into a pan over medium heat
-add a few splashes of rice vinegar, stir
-add a few shakes of red pepper flakes, stir
-add a few drizzles of EVOO, stir
-add a handful of ripped up spinach, stir
-add chopped up chicken, stir
-add black beans, stir
-add some salt and pepper and a splash of water, stir
I just kept stirring and adding a bit of water until the mixture created the consistency I was going for. Which, quite honestly, was just a mushy mess. Once I was happy with my mushed-up mix, I threw some more spinach in a bowl, spooned the mixture on top and topped it off with some grape tomatoes.
This was the result:

I swear, despite it’s look, it was really good! I was incredibly full after eating it. I was bummed that I didn’t have more veggies to add but the bag of stir fry veggies in my freezer seemed a bit crunchy in the freezer burned sense of the word so I tossed them. I know peanut butter isn’t exactly calorie free but I love that it’s a food I can feel good about using (as long as it’s not the super processed kid-friendly kind) that truly goes well with just about everything!

And since we’re talking about things I love (well, I guess I’m doing all the talking), I wanted to mention how lucky I am to have such great friends! I’ve had friends come and go over the years but I’m so happy that some have remained and I’m constantly reminded why they’re still in my lives and some others are not. Both my husband and I have a large circle of friends that includes people we’ve met in grade school-high school, college, at work, in sporting clubs, etc. We have so many awesome people in our lives that we had a really hard time narrowing down our wedding party so we ended up with this:

As I mentioned, I am constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have this huge circle of people we love and that love us back. For instance, my birthday was two weeks ago. I had a great birthday night out with my hubby, parents, and dear friend Melissa. I was supposed to go out with a bigger group of friends on Saturday night but was feeling the effects of my Friday night fun so I opted to have a quiet dinner with the hubby instead. There is a group of us girls that get together for nearly every birthday so I was bummed not to do that this year but I’m confident we’ll make up for it later. πŸ˜‰

not a birthday, but the group of girls I love to celebrate with πŸ™‚

This past Sunday night, I let Fielder outside and found a gift bag on the doorstep. There was no card or name, but when I looked inside, I knew my friend Christy had made a visit. It was a goodie bag filled with assorted peppermint and chocolate candies (my fave!), a mint truffle candle, some body wash from Victoria’s Secret (Christy & I were OBSESSED with Love Spell for a few years), cute cupcake accessories, and…wait for it…. cupcake boxer shorts!!! Sersiously so cute. Each little gift was wrapped in tissue paper and I had the biggest grin on my face as I opened each one. The girl knows me SO well.
Here, have a look at my fun stuff!

Of course I had to put the shorts on immediately. And take pictures…??

To sum it all up, I love peanut butter. And my friends. πŸ™‚

What about you? Do have a large circle of friends or just a few really close friends?
I feel so blessed to not only have really close friends, but so many of them that I can truly count on and trust. I’m a lucky gal!

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