Estoy Aqui

I suppose all four of my readers here assumed I had fallen off of the blogging face of the earth. Never fear, I am here. Estoy aqui. Where have I been, you ask? Well, I was here…

But that was only for the last week, which doesn’t explain my absence for the weeks prior, now does it? This, however, does explain it.

I had been having computer problems for about a month but refused to do anything about it, other than hope it would just start working normally again. Of course this didn’t happen and my computer continued to randomly shut down or give me the blue screen of death each time I attempted to use it. As you can probably imagine, this made doing any sort of blogging pretty much impossible. Ultimately, I got an error message a few days before heading out for vacay, that my hard drive was failing and I needed to contact HP. I did so immediately, spoke with a couple of super helpful employees. They explained that my hard drive had taken a poo and sent me a new one immediately. I got it two days later, replaced it myself, and my laptop was all ready to go on vacay with me. Unfortunately I did lose some pics that I had saved on my computer so I don’t have the ability to go back and blog about some of the meals I made during my sketchy computer era but I promise to make up for it with pics from my beach vacation!

We had a hellish day of travel yesterday, that started in Mexico at 9am and ended with a speeding ticket in snow-covered Wisco (approximately 65 degrees cooler than where we woke up) at 2am. Today consists of a whole lot of rest and relaxation. Yep, that’s pretty much what we did while on vacation too but honestly, who doesn’t need a vacation after their vacation?!
Also, there will be a whole lot of snuggling with this guy…

We missed him so much!!

One more exciting thing? My laptop is confused and all of my pages are still in Spanish, love it!

If it weren’t for this disgusting snow and freezing cold, I might be able to fool myself into thinking I was still in my home away from home!

Be back atcha’ later with some vacation pics! Happy Sunday ya’ll, go Packers!!

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