Six Months!

While in Mexico, hubby and I celebrated our six month wedding anniversary. Woohoo, we did it!! 😉

July 9th, 2011

I woke up bright and early in Playa del Carmen on January 9th, left Justin to sleep in and made my way down to the beach to take some pictures around our resort.

I also stopped by our resort grocery store for a bagel and a Cafe Ole. I ate breakfast on our veranda, taking in the sights and sounds and feeling really lucky to be there. I am always SO. PERFECTLY. CONTENT. while in Mexico. I sincerely love being there.

We had plans to grab the free resort shuttle into town (a 5 minute drive) and spend the day at our favorite beach club, Wicky’s. We fell in love with Wicky’s on our trip to Playa in 2010 and stayed just a block or so away. During the trip, we spent nearly every day at Wicky’s and were totally blown away by the location, friendly service, food, drinks, etc. that Wicky’s had to offer. At the time of that visit, we were staking out possible wedding locations and Wicky’s was totally the winner. When we returned to the US, I started negotiations for planning our wedding there. Stressed and overwhelmed at the idea of planning a destination wedding AND a big party back home after, I had a total change of heart and decided to have our wedding at home in Wisconsin. It’s a decision that still makes me a bit sad, but we had a wonderful wedding right here and home. My grandmother was able to attend without stress (she planned to attend the Mexico wedding as well but I know it would have been very difficult and stressful for her) and that gives me ultimate peace with the decision. We’re hoping to have a vow rewewal including a big party with friends at Wicky’s some day. At any rate, we knew we needed to return to Wicky’s for more good times and couldn’t wait to spend our day there. We hopped on the shuttle and found ourselves on the beach about 15 minutes later. We spent the day soaking up the sun and drinking our way through their yummy drink menu.

Wicky’s Beach Club shares a property with El Faro Condominums, named after the El Faro Lighthouse, which is also on the property.

After a few too many drinks, we also had lunch on the beach at Wicky’s. They are famous for their burgers so we all had one!

I had the El Faro burger with Oaxaca cheese (my favorite!!!).

Sadly, our day at Wicky’s came to an end and we hopped back on the shuttle to the resort. Per usual, we took a little siesta and then got dressed for dinner at Los Murales.

In all honesty, my one requirement for bringing friends on our “honeymoon” trip was that we got to spend our anniversary dinner alone. Well, that didn’t happen. While I regret not having our “anniversary” dinner to ourselves, I do not regret having dinner at Los Murales. Los Murales was considered the “seafood” restaurant in the resort and was definitely a bit more upscale than La Palapa del Sol.

At Los Murales, we were really treated to a wonderful, full dining experience. From wine sampling to Caesar dressing made right at our table, we were not disappointed in a single moment of our dinner.

Appetizer: Scallops with a Tarragon Infusion
I think this was the first time I had ever eaten scallops served cold. It’s definitely not what we were expecting but it was SO good!

Caesar dressing made right at our table.

The finished product. Keep in mind, they went to all of this work for one Caesar salad. It wasn’t a main dish, just a starter salad. Awesome.

Melon Sorbet Palate Cleanser

Hubby had the Murales Penne– Penne and crabmeat in a three-cheese sauce. It was realllllly rich but still delicious.

I had the Grilled Boquinete– I had never heard of boquinete before but I was told that it was a local fish and would be mild, white and flaky. Sounded good to me. It was drizzled with a dill butter sauce and served with rice and veggies. VERY good.

Lobster Tail– also very good!

My friend had the Chilean Sea Bass, which she said was fantastic, but I failed to get a pic. 😦

I wish we had saved room for dessert, but we did not. A couple of quick photos and we were well on our way to food coma.

The whole group with one of our waiters. This reminds me, we had no less than four servers attending to our needs throughout dinner. One seemed to specialize in drinks, another in the food prep, another in cleaning up after us, and the another did most of the talking. They were all equally fantastic, this one was apparently just more of a ham. 🙂

In other, non vacation-related news, I think my blender started to die on me today while making my Green Monster Smoothie. It was really struggling to chop up my frozen bananas and then that burning motor smell showed up… It’s fate shall be determined tomorrow when I use it again.

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