Thrift (Grocery?) Shopping

I’ve really been making an effort to save money these days. I haven’t gone on a Target shopping spree in a loooong time. I haven’t spent money I don’t have on clothes I don’t need in an even longer time. Unfortunately, we have always shopped at the “expensive” chain of grocery store in town and it’s been hard to break that habit. There’s always been one nearby every place we’ve lived, they have a huge selection of great stuff; local, organic, ethnic. The employees are nice and a recent great perk is that they have a Redbox. The “bargain” grocery store is further away, more crowded, has crappy produce, etc. While I know I will always continue to shop at the expensive place, I was recently inspired to visit ALDI. I had a list so I didn’t do a ton of browsing but it seems like they have a little bit of everything. No brand names of course, but they do carry their own line of “Fit & Active” products for a healthier version of snack favorites. While picking up my items though, I constantly noticed a huge price difference in the same products that I purchase at the pricey store. I did have to stop at my usual store for a couple of items that ALDI didn’t have, so I thought I’d do a little price comparison while I was there. Here’s my receipt with notes on how much I would have spent on each item at my usual store.

I always buy the generic brand of flour, sugar, etc. at my usual store so the prices I noted are the generic prices. As you’ll see, I had to purchase a $.10 grocery bag at ALDI because I forgot to bring my own, duh! But had I just gone to my usual store to pick up everything I needed, I would have spent $38.90, where at ALDI, I only spent $21.70. Normally I would purchase Tostitos multi-grain tortilla chips but at ALDI I pruchased the Clancy brand. I kid you not, they taste exACTly the same. I may or may not have opened them the second I got into my car just to test them out. You can also see that sugar, for some odd reason, was $.20 cheaper at the expensive store. Strange, but the savings on everything else made it totally worth it. My total savings on 11 items was $17.20. Totally worth it.

I got all of this for $21.70:

And the few things I couldn’t find at ALDI, for $9.50ish:

Methinks I’ll go thrift grocery shopping again.

What about you? Are you a brand name shopper or will you buy generic to save a few bucks?

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