Conversation Heart Cookies

Last week I came across Bake at 350, an awesome blog by Bridget. And while I’ve always been more of a cupcake girl, I also have a love for cut-out cookies. Cut-out sugar cookies remind me of Christmas time as a child. My mom and I would spend hours in the kitchen cutting out, baking and decorating sugar cookies each year. Of course, as a child, it’s all about the sprinkles and those silver ball thingies, which I now know are called dragees. But as adult, I love to see a simple, but beautifully decorated sugar cookie. A thin layer of sweet frosting on a soft, fluffy cookie…yum! No matter what the decoration though, sugar cut-out cookies most certainly bring a feeling of nostalgia. Upon finding Bake at 350, I became fascinated with her seriously awesome decorating skills. I read pages upon pages of her blog, equally drawn in by each and every design. After a couple of hours of browsing and studying her icing tutorials, I had decided that I MUST make sugar cookies using her royal icing and flooding techniques. And since Valentine’s Day was right around the corner, it was perfect timing!

I will take no credit for recipes here so I’ll just give you the links to her recipes and show you the pics of my cookies.

Bake at 350 Cut-Out Cookie Recipe

Bake at 350 Royal Icing

Bridget’s cut-out cookie recipe could not be more simple. I love that it calls for cold butter. Nothing worse than waiting for it to come to room temp. (Nothing good ever comes of microwaving it.) I always dip my cookie cutter into flour before cutting out my shapes.

I piped my outline with a number 2 tip. I didn’t have a squeeze bottle on hand so I just poured a little blob of frosting onto a few cookies at a time and then used a toothpick to fill things in. This took a lot of time and I will certainly be investing in a squeeze bottle for next time.

After flooding all of the cookies, I left them to dry overnight. No need to worry about them drying out, didn’t happen. Bridget explains in her FAQs that the icing acts as sort of a sealant for the cookies. These were still just as soft the next morning.

Since I’m sharing these cookies with my co-workers, I decided to make some naughty and some nice…just like my co-workers! 😉

By no means are these cookies perfect, but for my first time attempting this method of sugar cookie icing and writing, I have to say I’m quite pleased. I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Will you be doing any baking?

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