Having worked in the service industry for 9+ years, Friday doesn’t exactly mean the same thing to me as it does to many others. Quite honestly, when I hear TGIF, I think of watching ABC on Friday nights to catch all of my fave shows on TGIF.

Don’t tell me you didn’t watch…

I also tend to think of my 6th grade social studies teacher, Mrs. Baxter, who wrote a TGIF riddle on her board every Friday. For instance, we’d walk into the room and see this on the dry erase board: TGIFAWDHSOM
Then we would have to figure out what it meant. This one, a particulary good one, meant Thank Goodness It’s Friday And We Don’t Have School On Monday. Woo hooo! First one to figure it out got a prize. I feel like it was usually gum but let’s be realistic here, bragging rights about winning were really all a 6th grader wanted.

During my year or so of selling insurance, Fridays took on a whole new meaning for me. Heck, every Friday was like my freakin’ birthday!

Now that I’m back in the service biz, Friday doesn’t necessarily mean I get the next two days off of work, but it does mean other cool things:
1. If I do work throughout the weekend, I usually make more money than during the week due to all of the Monday-Friday working peeps that come out on the weekends.
2. My non-restaurant industry friends are always up to do something fun when I’m not working.
3. My hubby is usually off work on Fridays, so when I get a Friday off work to spend with him, I’m even more thankful it’s Friday!

I still wish I could watch this on Friday nights sometimes though:

All of this week I looked forward to having Friday off, with no plans other than to just hang with the hubs and the pup. No-plan plans are my favorite. I knew I had a little housework to do, some errands to run, and hoped to go out for dinner and drinks with friends tonight. J was on board for all of it. No-plan plans are the best! Things we could do, but don’t have to do and the freedom to jump at the opportunity to do whatever might come up.


Per usual, J was wide awake at 7am, while I still needed another hour or so to sleep. Once we rolled out of bed, we both took it easy on the couch for a couple hours. I was on the phone with my dad when call waiting beeped. It was a co-worker I figured I could just call back later. Then it beeped again and it was work calling. Uh oh. While the idea that I was supposed to be at work didn’t cross my mind, there has been some drama at work as of late so I was worried that something was wrong. However, the manager on duty said that I was, indeed, supposed to be at work. I thought she & the co-worker who had just called me were trying to play a joke on me. I really REALLY thought I had the day off. Once I realized she wasn’t joking, I freaked out. I was unshowered, still in pajamas, 15 mintues late already with a 10-15 minute drive to work. There was no way I would make it there before noon, an hour after I was supposed to be there. You want to know the worst part about all of this? I WRITE THE SCHEDULE!! Yes, that’s correct. I write the schedule, scheduled myself to work at 11, and didn’t show up. Ahhhh!!! I can’t tell you how stupid I feel! I know it will take awhile for people to stop teasing me about this one, and I deserve it. Another co-worker was already at work & eager to work the shift so what I believed to be my day off really turned into my day off!

I took advantage of my day off by doing some miscellaneous tasks I’ve been meaning to do all week:

1. Clean out my purse. Seriously, how does so much stuff accumulate in there?!

2. Shred some old cards/documents, which led to a jammed paper shredded, then followed by a full blown fight between the shredder and myself.

Trisha-0, Paper Shredder-1. It currently works in reverse but not forward. I used the scissors sort of like a tweezers to get the jammed paper out, but wasn’t making any headway so I quit before I threw the thing out the window.

-Give Fielder a bath shower. Yep, our dog takes showers. Ever since he was a tiny pup, he has always jumped right into the shower with us. He freaks out when we try to give him a bath so we quit fighting it and just bathe him in the shower now. I climb in as if I’m taking a shower, he follows suite and I use our detachable shower head to clean him up! While probably a bit strange to some, it has saved me tons of time and messes over the past four years.

All clean! And mad at mom. He truly needs a haircut but until then, clean hair will do.

-Paint my nails. Essie Sand Tropez, I love you.

No definite plans for dinner yet, but I haven’t left the house all day so I’m thinking we should go out before I get too stir crazy! Happy weekend, friends!

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