My Hump Day Off

For as long as I can remember, Wednesday has always been my mom’s day off. As a kid that meant a yummy home-cooked meal (not that we didn’t eat home-cooked meals other nights, it just seemed like Wednesday always brought about something I really liked) and/or freshly baked cookies when I got home from school. Sometimes I’d come home to a cleaned and rearranged bedroom. If I were really lucky, some Wednesday’s even meant mom letting me play hooky to go shopping with her. I seemed to always reap the benefits of mom’s day off. Also, I always thought of Wednesday as the perfect day off. Right in the middle of the week. A break from the stress of Monday and Tuesday that rests you up and gets you through Thursday and Friday. Well, this Wednesday, I got my day off! Not that this is my first Wednesday off in the history of my working years. No, that’s not the case but for some reason, I was really stoked to have today off. Maybe it’s because I actually work “normal people hours” the next two days (8-5) or maybe it’s because I didn’t really have place I needed to be or anything I needed to do. Of course, with any day off, I had plenty of things I should do…

So here’s what I did:

-Slept until 10:30. Which would be so much cooler if I had gotten to sleep before 4am.

-Ate Justin’s Nut Butter for the first time. And seriously just laughed my butt off as I typed that because a.) my husband’s name is Justin and, b.) well, I have a disgusting mind. I tried the Classic Almond Butter on an apple and I have to say that I just don’t love almond butter like some people do. I guess I just don’t get the fascination. The taste is okay, but I don’t love the texture. I love me some chunky peanut butter but almond butter is chunky in a way that I don’t love. Whatevs, I’m still excited to try the other flavors of Justin’s that I picked up the other day.

-Ironed my shower curtain. Exciting, huh? Well, we purchased this shower curtain at least two months ago, hung it up with the factory wrinkles and I just finally got around to ironing it out. As soon as I get some artwork for above the toilet, I’ll post before and after pics of our bathroom remodel.

-Cleaned, really cleaned, our master bathroom. I can’t remember the last time I really put any elbow grease into cleaning our master bath. Since it’s used mostly just by us, I tend to usually just surface clean and scrub the toilet as necessary rather than really cleaning it. I made up for lost time today and I don’t even want to get ready in there tomorrow morning for fear of messing it up.

-Unpacked my suitcase…from Mexico…in January. Um, yeah. While I had unpacked the majority of stuff, there were a few items that remained folded in my suitcase through the duration of the trip and I just couldn’t bear to take them out of there. Seems I might have a little bit of a problem letting go of vacation. And let me tell you, the smell of Mexico on those clothes practically made me cry. I want to go back!!!

-Dusted. Again, boring but long overdue in our living room and bedroom.

That’s it. That’s the end of my productivity. Around 2:30, a massive headache came my way so I decided to take a steamy shower, throw on my pajamas comfy clothes and just relax for the rest of the day. I’ve been catching up on my blogs, uploading photos to my computer, and watching the massive amounts of recorded tv on my DVR. It’s pure “day off” bliss.

How do you spend a mid-week day off?

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