Weekend Recap

My “weekend” essentially started on Thursday, as I had the day off but worked Friday & Saturday. I was up bright & early Thursday morning, ready to tackle the day. I mixed up some muffin top cookie batter on Wednesday, with plans to bake them & take them to work that night. I then realized that the batter was to be refrigerated for one hour prior to baking. I didn’t allow myself enough time to do so, which I why I baked these babies first thing Thursday morning. I must say that starting a day off with fresh-baked Orange Cranberry Muffin Top cookies is a-ok in my book.

I’ll follow up with a recipe in a separate post in just a bit.

After my cookies were baked, I headed back home to visit my mom, pick up a few hair necessities at her salon, & then went to visit with my parents dog, Higgins, who was really missing my dad while he was out of town.

Remember Higgins? He stays with us from time to time.

When I returned home, I got busy doing laundry, dishes, & other miscellaneous things that needed to be done around here.

I attempted to make zucchini lasagna but forgot that zucchini is chock full of water so my “lasagna” really turned into more of a zucchini lasagna soup but it was still tasty! No pictures of the finished product since it was less than pretty but I’ll try to fix the recipe & post when I figure it out.

I said goodbye to Purple Velvet. Purple Velvet was my trusty hair dryer for years. I can remember having her at least 5 years ago but I had her for probably closer to 6. Can you believe that? She had a fuzzy “velvet” finish when I first got her and she was so good to me. There were a few times when she got hot smelling & I had to give her a rest for a couple of days but last week was the final straw. She started sparking and smoking, which is incredibly scary when in such close proximity to both eyebrows & a full head of hair.

RIP Purple Velvet. Thanks for being so good to me. 😉

Friday was rainy & dreary so not too much was accomplished. Hubby got some work done around the house, I pretty much did nothing except play Draw Something & Words With Friends until I went to work that night.

Saturday brought about more work for me, followed by an appearance by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in the parking lot of my place of employment. I won’t get political here but I will say that my co-workers & I had a great view of the festivities and there were far more protesters than Romney supporters in attendance. What can I say? Madison is quite liberal.

I wish this picture were clearer but seriously, that gun was HUGE. This is the vehicle that carted Romney around.

Saturday night was Ladies’ Night! It had been awhile since a group of just girls from work went out so we took advantage of many of us having the night off or working early shifts. We started with hand-crafted cocktails at The Merchant. I love the atmosphere of this place & love their creative spin on regular cocktails (they use housemade infusions, fancy ice cubes, etc.) and don’t mind paying $7-$10 for them but I really just wish the bartenders were friendly. I don’t even ask that they are overly friendly, just a tiny bit friendly would be okay with me. Apparently when you charge $9 for a 6oz cocktail, you get to be a total asshole?

It was great to hang with the girls regardless.

After a few drinks there, we headed around the corner to The Majestic Theater. The Majestic features live music & DJs nearly every night. Saturday night was Gaga vs. Britney night, with a DJ spinning both of the ladies’ biggest hits. How perfect for girls night out?! We did some more drinking, some booty shaking, and had an overall fun time.

Some had a bit more fun than others, it appears. 😉

While I didn’t have TOO much to drink, Saturday night, I did NOT get much sleep. I stayed up talking to my dear friend, Melissa, until about 4am, got to sleep around 5 & was wide awake at 9. boooooo! Melissa, hubby & I headed to brunch and then I was an absolute pile of poo for a few hours. Lack of sleep paired with gloomy weather made it impossible to get my lazy butt off of the couch for quite some time. The sun finally peeked out and made for a beautiful late afternoon so we took the dogs for a walk (Higgins was visiting for a few hours), then headed to the grocery store. My laziness continued as I let the grocery store do the work & purchased a couple of pre-pattied pepperjack burgers rather than making my own for dinner.

I did make my own sweet potato wedges though!

Hubby cooked the burgers on the grill whilst drinking a couple beers.

I sipped a refreshing non-cocktail of club soda with lemons.

Dinner was total yum!

Post-dinner activities included the always fun dish washing and bill paying.

Being responsible FTW!!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Does the weather affect your motivation like it does mine?

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I kept bragging about our awesome weather? I was so motivated back then! I was getting so much done. The past couple of weeks have been cooler and gloomier, which has caused me to lack some motivation. When it’s rainy outside, I just want to curl up on the couch and nap.

What did you do this weekend?

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