Happy May Day!

Did you ever give or receive a May Day Basket as a child?

I always looked forward to the first of May for this fun tradition. Some years I would make them out of paper, sometimes I just used a little Dixie cup with a pipe cleaner for a handle; it really didn’t matter what sort of “basket” was used, the treats inside were the real gem anyway. I would deliver them to kids in the neighborhood or to my classmates. If I was lucky, I might find one on my doorstep too. I seem to remember delivering May Day Baskets Ding Dong Ditch (Knock, Knock, Ginger?!?!) style, which is always fun. It’s been awhile since my last May Day Basket but the first of May is still a nice day in my mind…the first of the month in which the weather makes a permanent (at least for a few months) turn for the better!

Anyway, I’ve no complaints about my May Basket-less May Day, as it turned out to be a (second consecutive & much needed) day off. I repeat, no complaints here. I had a crazy busy whirlwind of a weekend (actually Thursday-Monday) that involved some of the following:

I set out to do some surface cleaning on but then I spotted this.

A string cheese wrapper hiding between the couch and end table. And it sort of set me off. I suddenly felt the urge to vacuum, dust, and/or scrub every nook and cranny in our entire home. Well, maybe not every nook and cranny, but I’m telling you, there was a lot of nook and cranny cleaning going on.

And then when I was cleaning, I was reminded of projects that I had started but not completed. For instance, I made these frames to hang above our bed weeks ago. Perhaps even months ago. But they’ve been sitting on my night stand ever since. I decided that on Thursday, they must go on the wall.

And so they did.

A close up.

Pretend like “love much” doesn’t look like it was drawn by a 3rd grader. I was free handing, people. Cut me some slack. 😉

See, Fielder doesn’t give a crap about my crappy handwriting. He just wants to be adored.

I found a job for the tiny chair Justin’s grandma wanted us to have.

Plant stand, natch.

I put Fielder on the tiny chair just to show how tiny it really is.

I consoled Fielder as he made me promise to never, EVER put him on that scary tiny chair ever again.

When I finally finished cleaning, I hit up the kitchen.

I made this. Looks gross, tastes great.

And these. Look great, taste great.


I was up and at ’em bright and early. I had prepped my breakfast the night before so I just had to throw it in my recycled containers and hit the road.

Not Starbucks. Overnight Peanut Butter Banana Oats in a PB Jar.

I took a placement test for school and it told me exactly what I knew it would tell me. I’m practically a genius when it comes to spelling, grammar, reading and writing. Practically. But the whole wide world wonders how on EARTH I ever passed third grade math.

It was straight to work after my test, and there I stayed for 8 hours. I was in the mood for a nice dinner out afterwards, but hubby had two quesadillas an hour or so before I got home. Culver’s Snack Pack to the rescue!


Saturday I left for work at 10:30AM. I got home approximately 12 hours later. ‘Nuff said.


Sunday meant more work. And a 6:30AM wake up. Ughhhh, 6:30 on a Sunday?! Just. Not. Fair.

Another 9 hours of work and then hubby and I finally got that relaxing dinner I had wanted on Friday night. We hit up one of our favorite spots, Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry, for great food and even better company. I’m happy to say that neither of us even so much looked at our phones during dinner so no drool-worthy food pics. To sum it up, they have a great tap beer selection and do burgers right.


I went on a baking bender yesterday.

I baked these.

And these. Tiny chair is so useful!

And then I bowled for Kid’s Sake.

80s style. Super unflattering pic of myself on the blog? Check.

I beat all of my teammates on one game. This never happens to me.

I took one more picture to document the awesomeness that is 80s themed bowling for kids.


Today I helped a friend move. I loathe moving. I loathe moving so much that when we moved into our house, I was conveniently in Chicago for a friend’s bachelorette weekend. But I’m always down to help a friend in need so I borrowed my husband’s truck and hauled a load of big stuff to my friend’s new pad. I left before I could get put to work doing any of the crappy stuff. 😉

I did my grocery shopping tonight, caught up on my blogs, and signed up for classes. Remedial math anyone??

What’s new with you?!

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