¡mas sombreros por favor!

I’ve never needed an excuse to wear a sombrero and sip on a few cervezas or margaritas. Never. But Cinco de Mayo gives me a reason to do so without looking like such a weirdo. Not that I wouldn’t wear a sombrero every darn day because believe me, I would. Our Cinco de Mayo was sort of a marathon. It involved a lot of driving, a memorial service, a wedding, and a class reunion a celebration of the Battle of Puebla (the real reason for Cinco de Mayo). We left our house early in the morning and went pretty much non-stop until we brought home pizza around 1am and pigged out with my parents.

There aren’t many photos to document the festivities but I made sure to get one of me in my sombrero. With a margarita.

The day also involved a bit of boozing; a bloody Mary, wine at the wedding, beer, margaritas and a couple shots of tequila. That’s a whole lotta ish. Somehow I managed to wake up sin cruda on Sunday morning and enjoyed breakfast made by my momma.

We headed home and hubby fried up some morel mushrooms for a snack.

Have you ever tried one? They are a real treasure, found in early spring in heavily wooded areas. People pay up to $20 per pound for these babies. Many people “hunt” them and are able to make a great profit from people like my husband who crave them but never actually take them time to hunt for them.

There are numerous ways to prepare morels, but most commonly around here is to soak them, coat in flour and fry in butter. Super healthy, right? 😉

Since they’re so rich, you really don’t need many to satisfy the craving. Which worked out perfectly for me since hubby said he was only sharing with me because I’m his wife and sharing is all part of it. What a romantic, huh? 🙂

The rest of our Sunday was pretty low-key.

It hailed.

We napped.

I went to a Thirty-One party.

We grocery shopped.

We had dinner.

And ice cream. Actually part fro-yo, part Cookies & Cream with homemade strawberry sauce.

How was your weekend??
I’m always a fan of a weekend that involves minimal work. While Saturday was sort of a crazy day with a lot of stuff going on, it was nice to cram it all into one day so that our Sunday could be more chill. Oh, and that class reunion I sorta mentioned? It was my 10 year but we opted to skip it. We wouldn’t have made there until after 10 and the party started at 7. By 10:00, I’m sure all of the people who don’t drink much were gone, and the party animals wouldn’t have remembered seeing me anyway. 😉 There’s always the 15 year!

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