Anniversary Lunch

Nope, not our anniversary, though come to think of it… today is our 10 month wedding anniversary!

Yay, us!

But our 10 months ain’t got nothin’ on my parents’ 31 years! Thirty. One. Years. That’s a long darn time. And pretty awesome. Of course their number one accomplishment in all of those years of marriage came approximately 28 years ago when a certain someone was brought into this world… πŸ˜‰

Not 28 years ago. But the closest I could find.

All kidding aside, these two are a fantastic example of what marriage is supposed to be. A whole lotta love, patience, understanding, laughter, support, and trust. Of course there are always the not-so-great moments too. Moments of anger, sadness, disappointment. But you know what, with all of the aforementioned qualities, those not-so-great moments go away. In the words of my wise grandmother…”There will be bumps in the road but they will go away. Believe me.”

Newlyweds, 1981

Of course, a little booze always helps too.

The anniversary couple. Today.

My mom and dad were in town running errands today so I took them out for an anniversary lunch. We couldn’t make a decision so we ended up at Claddagh Irish Pub. Claddagh was a favorite restaurant of ours when it first opened. They were really great for a couple of years but then I’m not really sure what happened. Prices skyrocketed, portions got smaller, the menu seems to constantly change. The quality of the food seems to have stayed somewhat intact, though they took my favorite item off the menu and I learned today that the only vegetable side option they have is green beans. Seriously, one vegetable option??

At any rate, we had a nice lunch with good food and great company.

I started with a flight of beers.

The Irish Trinity

I tried their Cornucopia Burger- a “zesty” vegetarian burger with lettuce, tomato, onion on a toasted roll with garlic-lime aioli. I didn’t really taste any of the so-called zestiness they spoke of and the lime seemed to be missing from the aioli.

Cornucopia Burger

This, of course, did not stop me from eating the entire burger and fries. This girl failed to eat breakfast.

My parents both had the Chicken Spinach Melt

Despite a mediocre meal, the company was great and we had a wonderful time celebrating 31 years of marriage of two of the greatest people I’ll ever know! Love you mom and dad!!

After lunch, we hit up Costco and then parted ways. I had a DSW gift card burning a hole in my pocket so I did some shoe shopping. I desperately need a new pair of workout shoes.

I tried on these Salomon’s.

And these Puma’s.

I didn’t purchase anything today but I reeeeeally want the Salomon’s. What’s the rule? If you’re still thinking about them a week later, you should probably get them? Remind me next Wednesday that I NEED those shoes. And if you feel like borrowing me $75 that the gift card won’t cover, I’m cool with that too.

How was your Hump Day?? Just a couple more days and the weekend is here!! πŸ™‚

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