Home Sweet Home & WIAW

Boy, oh boy did it feel good to finally get home on Monday night…24 hours after we were supposed to get home. We had a great trip but the last 24 hours of delayed & cancelled flights was no fun at all. I had a similar experience when we returned from our honeymoon in Mexico in January. You know what I’ve decided? The next time I take a trip, I’m just going to stay there. Seems logical since I always run into problems getting home, right? 😉

At any rate I’m home, my suitcase is unpacked, laundry is almost done, I worked my first shift in a week last night, I’m pretty much back into my routine. Since I’ll be starting summer classes in a couple of weeks, I did some planning yesterday before work. I went grocery shopping with an actual list (gasp!), I made a meal plan of sorts, I scheduled time for workouts this week. Man, I’m on a roll!

I also managed to take photos of most of my eats yesterday! It’s been a while since my last WIAW so I thought, why not?!

I made a big pitcher of cold-brewed green tea with lemons and ginger to sip on throughout the day. I just filled the pitcher with water, a few lemon slices, a quick grate of fresh ginger and threw in two green tea bags. I usually let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour or so and remove the tea bags whenever it seems right to do so. I don’t think you can really leave them in too long. It makes for a really light, refreshing sip!

Unfortunately I didn’t think to snap a photo until I’d polished off most of the pitcher already.

Breakfast was an egg scramble with broccoli, red onion, string cheese (because Fielder loves it & we were sharing a stick already), and imitation crab meat. Yeah, the crab sounds a little strange but it will make sense in a bit, promise. I topped it all off with some cottage cheese & tomatoes. Clearly, I’m suffering from “I-just-went-grocery-shopping-and-want-to-eat-everything-I-purchased”. I also whipped up a tiny smoothie of greek yogurt, almond milk, Stevia & spinach.


I had imitation crab meat because I was also making Kani Salad while eating breakfast. We had Kani Salad while in Pennsylvania and I couldn’t wait to recreate it at home. I’ll follow up with a recipe but here’s my lunch for the day.

Lunch on the front step in the gorgeous weather.

With Fielder, of course.

I also had a little dish of cottage cheese sprinkled with dark chocolate chips for a snack, soooo good! I ended up working later than I’d planned so I had a few meatballs (random) at work in lieu of eating dinner when I got home at 11pm.

It’s another bright & sunny day here in Madison so Fielder and I will most definitely be going for a nice long walk again like we did yesterday, though I’ll be sure to wear my sunscreen today…I had a bit of a tank top burn line yesterday. 😦

Hope your hump day is fantastic!!

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