Last night, while we were sleeping, a sneaky creeper used the garage door opener in Justin’s unlocked car in the driveway to open up our garage door & steal the keys right from my ignition. Does that make sense? Here, let me try in a less run-on sentence fashion. My car was in the garage,… Read More Thieves


I promise tomorrow’s post won’t be titled FRUIT & VEGGIES! Pinky swear. I survived Day 1 of my “cleanse”. Admittedly, I did not consume enough calories but I felt just fine nonetheless. A little bit grumpy maybe. But otherwise fine. I worked until almost 3am Sunday night/Monday morning so I didn’t make it out of… Read More VEGGIES!


I need a cleanse. While I’ve been putting a lot of good foods into my body, I’ve also been indulging in some not-so-great foods. ‘Tis summer, I suppose, when every day feels like a celebration. I’m not letting myself get too down about the fact that my pants are tighter than ever and you couldn’t… Read More FRUIT!