Thirsty Thursday…coming on Friday…

One would think that with my constant delays in posting my Thirsty Thursday drinks, it might be a case of “someone did a bit too much sampling”. While that may not be completely untrue, the real reason this week is that my pictures simply will not upload to my blog. I had this same problem last week while at my parents’ house & I’m here again tonight.

I promise a fantastic drink recipe when I get back home tomorrow. It involves vodka, beer, strawberries, watermelon & lemonade. YUM!!

Do you ever have any super frustrating issues with your blog??
For the most part, I’m really pleased with Word Press & think it’s quite user friendly. Not sure what my pic loading issue is lately but it seems like more of a wi-fi issue since I haven’t had any problems uploading when I’m at home… ??

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