Popcorn Monster

I can’t stop eating popcorn. I’m obsessed lately. I saw this recipe last month. I went out and bought the ingredients immediately. But then life got in the way. And Justin & I started eating the Oreos. And well, I’m left with a box of microwave kettle corn & a pacakge of CandiQuik. Maybe someday I’ll buy another package of Oreos & manage to use them for the recipe rather than just inhale them…

A couple of weeks ago, I saw something beautiful calling out to me in the chip aisle at Super Target. There are two aisles of which I should never be allowed to walk; the pen aisle (seriously, I could spend DAYS there) & the chip aisle. You know I’m bound to buy at least a dozen things I don’t need in each aisle. But on this particular day, this particular bag caught my eye & it was love at first sight. If you’re my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram (trishab83), you know I’ve already said this but I’m for real.

I bought this bag of popcorn based solely on appearance. Bright, cheerful, happy, bold. It spoke to me. I didn’t care if it was dumb as a box of rocks or horribly ugly on the inside, I had to have it.

I mean, really, who can resist a name like Boom Chicka Pop?!

I’m usually a pretty good judge of character & this was no exception. This stuff was beautiful on the inside too. 35 calories per cup. 650 calories per bag. Which means, if you eat the entire bag over the course of 2 days with a little bit of help from your popcorn-loving dog & your mom who was lucky enough to even be allowed to try it, it’s really not even that bad for you. Really. The ingredients? There are three. Popcorn, sunflower oil & sea salt. Whole grain. Gluten free. No trans fats. No preservatives. Perfection. Way to go Angie this stuff is the bomb boom!

And THEN…I was back at Super Target (are you sensing a super theme here?) and found yet another glorious looking bag of popcorn in the forbidden chip aisle. I swear it’s the Pringles on the end cap that always lure me in… This one didn’t speak to me so much in an appearance sense, though it’s not bad looking either, but moreso in the ingredients. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Popcorn. Seriously?! Like the Pop-Tart?! Like my favorite toast topping? Like the best combination of flavors ever, brown sugar & cinnamon?! Once again, I had to have it.

Of course with all of that brown sugar, the nutritional stats aren’t quite as great, but it’s still not all that awful.

Less than 1000 calories in the entire bag. It says no artificial ingredients or preservative, but I’m not so sure about a few of those last things on the list of ingredients. I found this popcorn to be a great sweet treat after a meal. Something thoroughly enjoyable without feeling too guilty about eating it. There is a good amount of seasoning on each piece, so there’s no digging around for “a good one”. To me it seemed like there was a bit more cinnamon flavor than brown sugar. Jessica, you’d love this stuff.

There are a couple of problems with this stuff though.

1. Fielder doesn’t like it. I think the cinnamon is too much for his sensitive little nose so he doesn’t even try it.

2. I haven’t seen my mom since I bought it.

You know what this means, right? I ate the whole bag myself. In two days. Hubby didn’t have any either. Remember when I said it was a great sweet treat after a meal? Well, it’s more like a great sweet treat before, during & after every meal and every moment in between. Ooops. Thanks for making such a tasty snack, SMARTFOOD I’ll just wear my stretchy pants today.

What are you snacking on these days? Any good finds lately?
In addition to my recent popcorn obsession, I’ve rekindled my love affair with Sabra hummus. That’s not to say that I ever quit loving it, it’s just that we have to take breaks every now & again. You see, I love Sabra hummus so much that I eat it constantly until I am so absolutely disgusted by eating the same thing so often that I can hardly walk past the specialty cheese/hummus cooler at the grocery store. That stuff is SO good (especially the Supremely Spicy & Roasted Pine Nut) that I just can’t stop eating it. Until I HAVE to stop eating it. Not sure why I’d never tried the Luscious Lemon before last week, but now that I have, you can guarantee I’ll be eating it until I’m sick.

Also, the second I typed “monster” on the post title here, I’ve been singing “Monster” by Lady Gaga. I friggin’ love her and that song. It’s most definitely one of my fave jams of hers.

“We French kissed on a subway train, he tore my clothes right off, he ate my heart & then he ate my brain… That boy is a monster… ma-ma-ma-monster…”

**apparently there is no official music video for this song. I’m sharing this so that you don’t think I’m one of those zombie, face eating crazy people that just made up the above lyrics ;)**

One last thought…wouldn’t this song be great for the True Blood soundtrack? We dropped HBO a while ago but everyone has been talking about the new season lately (jerks!) so I’ve had it on the brain & really want to start watching it again. I think I’ll write the True Blood soundtrack peeps a letter…as soon as I get done illegally downloading watching True Blood on HuLu.

5 thoughts on “Popcorn Monster

  1. You have got to try the the Angie’s Classic Kettle Corn if you like Sweet. I swear it is the best Kettlecorn ever. Boomchickapop is Great Stuff my husband can’t put the bag down once he has started it. New Fav in our house:)


  2. Yes!

    I had the same exact experience as you with the Boom Chicka Pop! I was initially only attracted tothe branding, but it ended up also being delicious! I get this often, as a treat to myself (even though it´s relatively healthy).

    Great post, keep up the great work!


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