Happy Hump Day! Hope your week is going great thus far!

Yesterday I managed to photograph all but one of my eats…just in time for WIAW!

Breakfast– Mediterranean Egg White Sandwich from Panera

Lunch was a chicken salad sandwich on 9-grain bread with carrots, cucumbers & broccoli on the side.

Dinner was a mess. It wasn’t really dinner at all.

I ate/drank this.

I baked/ate this.

I ate these.

I wanted to eat this little guy right up because he’s so damn cute but I refrained.

He did, however, continue to eat this octopus toy that he’s been obsessed with lately. Mr. Octopus is quite literally one of Fielder’s oldest toys, given to him the first week we got him. He brings it out to play every once in awhile but for some reason he has been loving Mr. Octopus lately. Weirdo.

I also drank a crap ton of water because it is straight up H-O-T-T here. It’s also incredibly humid. I think balmy most accurately describes it. I love it. No, I’m not just sitting outside soaking it up like a crazy person but I seriously do not mind the heat/humidity. I do feel bad for those that are forced to work outside though. Last night, Fielder & I went for a late-night jog, after the temps had cooled a tad. The breeze was really strong & tropical-feeling. If I had closed my eyes I think I could have almost imagined that I was on my favorite beach in Playa del Carmen.

Are you a fan of hot, humid weather or do you prefer cooler temps? I think of it this way, here in Wisconsin, we complain about cold & snow for at least 4 months out of the year. I am not about to complain about heat & humidity. This weather is so much better for my skin & my well-being. It causes no travel issues (though the roads due sometimes buckle in excessive heat) & makes me crave healthy, veggie-filled meals! I stocked up on groceries so I can actually eat some veggies today, it was slim-pickings around here last night.

4 thoughts on “WIA(&baked)W

  1. Where do you live in WI? I am SOOO sick of the humidity. It’s been hard to get outside a lot, so I’m looking forward to when the temp dips.


    1. Hi Alysha! I live in Madison. I agree it’s been hard to do much of anything outside but I have been enjoying balmy, evening walks. I feel like I’m walking on the beach some place tropical! It looks like our suffering through this sauna-like weather will pay off with a gorgeous weekend. Fingers crossed! 🙂


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