He’s HOME!!!! Part 2 and x 2

Remember this post when I was super excited that my hubby was home from over a year of working away from home during the week, only to come home on the weekends? Well, two days after that post, he got sent to another job even further away from home. The last few weeks have totally sucked. It’s like I was teased with having a husband at home for a couple of days & then he was ripped away again. The way the whole thing went down was truly crappy & I was really excited to know that it was only supposed to be for a few weeks. Even if those few weeks did draaaag on and on…

Luckily, those few weeks are done & I have a husband at home again! He’s got a new job to start tomorrow morning, right here at home, which means we can actually have a normal existence as husband & wife for the first time since we got married almost a year ago.

Now, remember my difficulties getting home from Pennsylvania? Well, the reason I was there in the first place is because my dad was working there for a few months. He left two weeks before Easter, came home twice & also just got home on Friday. Which means both of my guys got home on the same day! And as luck would have it, they’re both going to work on the same job tomorrow! (They work for the same company but don’t often work on the same job at the same time.) I can’t even explain to you how exciting it is to have all my family back in the same state again!

Even though my dad had a long day of traveling home on Friday, we had a little celebration for his homecoming. My mom got the idea to have a seafood boil. And what a great idea it was!

Mussels, shrimp, red potatoes, corn on the cob, kielbasa…

All boiled to perfection in a steamy pot of broth!

We had a few cocktails while we waited for the feast.

And then, feast we did. This stuff was so awesome.

And gorgeous. I was so mad I didn’t have my camera, but my phone sufficed.

I started with a little bit of everything.

And of course, as soon as I finished, went back for a little bit more of everything.

We finished with this incredibly indulgent dessert my mom found on Pinterest.

All in all, it was great little celebration & I’m looking forward to many more summer nights spent on patios with my favorite people. 🙂

In completely unrelated news, I finally got to try Orange Leaf on Friday with a few of my former co-workers. (Sorry for the blur.)

Worth the wait.

In still unrelated news, I had the most amaaaaazing sweet potato that same day. I can’t wait to re-create it over & over again.

Today the hubs & I are starting to train Fielder with the invisible fence we installed well over a month ago but are just now getting to the training since we’ll both be home to work with the pup.

Getting a little grocery shopping done too. So excited to cook meals for both of us!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Have you ever spent an extended amount of time away from your significant other? As I’ve mentioned before, I know our situation could have been so much worse but it can really wear on you when the person you have chosen to spend your life with, isn’t there. During the time we were apart, we didn’t always get to talk on the phone much due to varying work schedules so there was very little communication at times. Our lack of communication during the week often led to fighting on the weekends. Of course we both knew we were fighting for incredibly ridiculous reasons and would usually get over it pretty quickly but I am just so stinkin’ glad that it’s all over!!

2 thoughts on “He’s HOME!!!! Part 2 and x 2

  1. That’s so tough!! Kevin’s job situation has been a little unstable as of late, and he’s looked into some transfers that might require travel. NOT A FAN! But it looks like a no for now so that’s good. We dated long distance for almost 2 years though — tough, but we learned a lot. I wouldn’t want to do anything like that now that we’re married though.


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