I need a cleanse. While I’ve been putting a lot of good foods into my body, I’ve also been indulging in some not-so-great foods. ‘Tis summer, I suppose, when every day feels like a celebration. I’m not letting myself get too down about the fact that my pants are tighter than ever and you couldn’t pay me to get into a bikini despite the super hot weather we’re expecting this week. But I am doing something about it. For a few days at least.

I suppose you could say I’m doing the Sacred Heart Diet that Jessica did awhile back. But don’t get me wrong, I know that restricting means quick results & quickly putting weight back on once you go back to normal eating. I know that eating healthy & working out is the only way to maintain a healthy weight. But for me, right now, I need to detoxify my body a bit & hopefully drop a few pounds to get myself back on track. I modified “the soup” so that it’s not so sodium-laden & omitted the green beans because I find canned green beans to be absolutely vile.

Day 1 means eating as much fruit as I want (no bananas). Right now, when fruit is in it’s prime, this is absolutely what I want to be doing anyway so fruit it is!



Berry Melon Smoothie


Fruit for later!

Here’s what’s in store for the next 6 days, should I choose to continue that long:
Day 2- Veggies (no peas or corn), soup & a baked potato with butter for dinner.
Day 3- Fruit & veggies + soup.
Day 4- Bananas & skim milk + soup.
Day 5- Beef & tomatoes + soup.
Day 6- Beef & veggies + soup.
Day 7- Brown rice & veggies + soup.

Alcohol is not allowed. You are allowed to drink unsweetened juice, tea, coffee, skim milk & a ton of water, of course.

I see myself making it maybe halfway through Day 4 before I really want some “real” food. But we shall see I guess. I have no expectation of surviving the weekend on the soup, beef & veggies. I will have a drink at some point over the weekend. Again, I’m not doing this to lose 17 pounds. I’m not doing this to be skinny. I’m doing this because it seems like a realistic way to flush out some of the yucky stuff in my body without starving.

Some say the Sacred Heart Diet was created for obese patients who needed to lose a lot of weight quickly, in order to be ready for surgery. Others say the diet is a hoax & it was never approved by Sacred Heart Hospital (somewhere in Canada). Others even go further on to say that this diet is incredibly unhealthy, horrible for your heart/body, etc. but for me, it’s just a way I can cleanse while still eating. I see nothing wrong with a few days of eating tons of fruit & veggies. My goal here is to stick to a plan & maybe have an easier time buttoning my jeans. If that doesn’t happen, then so be it. I’ll stick to the healhty foods I’ve been eating, increase my exercising & try even harder to resist “naughty” foods. I know what works for me. I’m motivated by weight loss, where as other people are motivated by weight gain. Even though it really pisses me off that my jeans are too tight & nothing fits me, I’m more motivated by losing weight than I am by gaining. So I’m hoping that if I drop a few pounds & feel somewhat detoxified, that will be all the motivation I need to keep making healthy choices.

Have you ever done any sort of fad diet or cleanse? I hate the word diet, I really do. While I was successful at South Beach, I hate the idea of completely restricting any one food group. It can only lead to horrible things. Even moreso, I hate the idea of “diet foods”; sugar substitutes, reduced fat aka chemical-filled, 100 calorie highly processed calorie packs, etc. That stuff is no good for your body. There is no proof that our bodies can even process that stuff. While I do this little cleanse, I plan to allow myself protein and/or carbs if my body really wants it. I know that fruits & veggies have both protein & carbs so I guess what I mean is, if I’m craving a piece of chicken, I’m gonna have a dang piece of chicken. Same goes for a piece of bread. If I deprive myself, I’ll only binge later. I’m using this cleanse as a guideline to get me feeling better, not as a diet or a way to drop a ton of weight quickly. As appealing as that may sound, it’s not healthy. Truthfully I believe that yo-yo dieting is probably even harder on the body than being overweight. But I’m no doctor, obviously. 😉

6 thoughts on “FRUIT!

  1. I’ve thought about doing a cleanse myself. Thanks for posting the days and what you need to follow in order to do it!
    To answer your question – I am a HUGE fan of the Dukan Diet which has been quite the fad ever since Kate Middleton did it for her wedding. You see results and it is relatively easy to maintain once you have gotten out of the “diet” phases. it’s more of a lifestyle change than anything, I have done it for over a year and it is the only way I can seem to keep weight off. I treat myself to yummy things and probably overindulge every once and awhile, but once I get back to the Dukan schedule, I am back to where I was!
    Good luck on your cleanse 🙂


    1. That’s right, I remember you telling me about Dukan. I think I did some research on it & I’m actually pretty sure I still get emails about it. Might have to check it out again. 🙂 I survived Day 1 just fine. Day 2 is going well also, but I did just treat myself to some canteloupe. Not sure why I can’t have fruit today, but I can tomorrow? Stupid rules. They need to be broken. 😉


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