Frozen S’mores Cups

Happy Friday!!

I just love Friday. It’s definitely always been my favorite day. Even as a kid. Sure, I had to go to school during the day but all of the cool stuff happened on Friday nights and as a bonus, you still had all day Saturday ahead of you!

Same goes for now. I worked today and I’ll probably have to work tomorrow, but for some reason I just love today. It could be that we don’t have any plans for the night so we can do whatever we choose. Or, we can do nothing! I’m not sure which direction we’ll go just yet but I thought I’d share a little treat with you for now.

I was in the mood for an ice cream treat of sorts yesterday and thought that a s’mores treat would be great. Since fires/burning of any sort have been banned in the area due to the major lack of rain, roasting marshallows for s’mores is outta the question. Plus, it’s like 97 degrees, even at midnight, so sitting in front of a fire isn’t exactly appealing. I thought, why not put the flavor of s’mores into an ice cream treat?! I had a few different ideas swimming around in my head so I did what any person would do. I ran to the store and bought ALL of the ingredients for ALL of the ideas. Time was running short so I ended up going with the quickest option, but it was still pretty yummy!

You know I’m a fan of anything that involves a cupcake tin.

And chocolate.

And especially ice cream. Especially especially s’mores ice cream.

S’mores ice cream on top of chocolate on top of Golden Grahams with marshmallows!

With more chocolate, natch.

Frozen S’mores Cups
yield 24 cups

3 tbsp butter
4 cups miniature marshmallows
5 cups Golden Grahams cereal or graham crackers, coarsely chopped
1 jar hot fudge sundae topping
1 quart ice cream of choice (I used Edy’s Limited Edition S’mores Ice Cream)

1. Melt butter over low heat in a large saucepan.
2. Add marshmallows & stir until completely melted.
3. Remove from heat & stir in cereal or crackers until well coated.
4. Place about 2 tbsp of mixture in cupcake tins, generously coated with cooking spray.
5. Using the back of a spoon or spatula sprayed with cooking spray, press mixture into cups.
6. Top each with sundae topping.
7. Place cupcake tins in freezer for about 20 minutes or until chocolate is set, meanwhile, set ice cream on counter to soften.
8. Place one scoop of ice cream in each cup, smoothing out with a spoon or spatula.
9. Drizzle with sundae topping & return to freezer for at least 2 hours before serving.

Notes: Obviously there is a lot of room for modification here. Use whatever kind of ice cream you’d like or spruce it up with some peanut butter or a strawberry sundae topping instead. Be creative! Using graham crackers in lieu of Golden Grahams would certainly reduce the sugar content. I put mine in cupcake liners after freezing them, just so they were easier to eat/share/store/photograph but that part is totally optional.

I bet you’re gonna like these.

I know I did.

And I didn’t hear any complaints from my husband either.

You can dance share if you want to.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. If you’re not reading this on Google reader & can see that I changed my blog theme yet again, sorry. Thanks for sticking with me through the changes. I’m loving everything about this one & I think I’ll stick with it!

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