Busy Bee

The meaning of the phrase “busy as a bee” suddenly made perfect sense to me last week when, just an hour or so after having knocked down the bee hive that threatened anyone who dare enter our house through the front door, the p*s$ed buzzed off bees were back at it, building another hive & making some pretty great headway.

Well, the past 5 days have felt a bit like a bee hive building marathon for me as well. It all started Thursday with a long night at work & very little sleep. The next 2 days were jam-packed & I feel like I’ve been running ever since. I captured some of it via cell phone cam. I’ll show you a few highlights:

I made Jell-O shots.

Friday night we had drinks with friends & this was our gorgeous view.

Even though I had already eaten dinner, I simply couldn’t resist sweet potato tots with maple cream cheese sauce.

Saturday was a perfect day for a bachelorette party on a boat.

This salad & washing the dishes were my only accomplishments on Sunday. Too much sugar & booze, paired with much too little sleep made me a big pile of worthlessness.

When I’m done here, I plan to quit sucking at life & charge my actual camera so I can capture my upcoming suuuuper-de-duper busy 4-day weekend ahead. It involves plenty of baking, beer & lots of people/places/things I love.

I might even be able to squeeze in a Thirsty Thursday post, but I’m not making any promises.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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