Back to Life, Back to Reality

Don’t tell me you didn’t sing the title when you saw it.

Soul II Soul jams aside, I’m back from my little 4 day “vacation”. No, I didn’t bask in the sun in a tropical destination or go on any thrilling adventures but I did have a great time. My days were spent in my hometown, at my parents house, doing all sorts of fun things.

Remember last week when I said I was going to quit sucking at life & charge my camera? Well, I didn’t.

I was able to use my mom’s phone to take some pics through the weekend but I also failed to bring that home with me soooo…aren’t you excited for a little tour of my weekend via cell phone pics?!

I knew you would be.

I drove through the most wicked storm all summer (not hard to win that award since we’ve had no rain for months) on Wednesday night so I could start baking.

Start baking for what, you ask?

For this.

Yep, that’s me. And my cupcakes. Being advertised in the local paper. Can’t mess this up.

My trusted baking assistant (my mother, of course) & I stayed up late, baking away & frosted the cakes in the morning before the event.

This wasn’t my first time offering cupcakes at Local Night so there was a bunch of hype this time around. Last time I did a series of beer cupcakes so many people asked if the cupcakes were going to make them drunk this time around. Ha. Not this time, friends.

All this hype made me super nervous but I think it went really well.

These sold out completely. Peanut Butter Cup. Why wouldn’t they sell out?!

I also sold nearly all of both Twisted Lemonade…

…and Root Beer Float.

Local Night was a fun time, as always, with great entertainment, great food & beer, and great people.

We had a break in our hot weather streak, which meant open windows & extra snuggle time with this guy on Friday morning.

After staying in bed extra late, I decided to take a little walk through town & do some local shopping.

I visited Convivio.

They offer so many gorgeous things for the kitchen & dining room, including wines from all over the world.

My next stop was Panacea, which offers everything from health supplements to kitchen accessories to fun little posters like this one.

And this one that I got for my garden loving mother since it was her birthday.

My last stop was Driftless Depot, which is totally my new favorite Spring Green shop. They offer organic local fruits, vegetables, grains, and more.

They also serve gelato & have a dine-in deli & espresso bar. This place has so much to offer! A must-stop if you’re ever in the Spring Green area.

On my walk home, I noticed this along the sidewalk.

Little Free Library. Ever heard of it? Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but apparently there are bunches of these all over the world. Their mission is to promote literacy and the love of reading and to build a sense of community through sharing skills, creativity & wisdom across generations. How neat!

As I mentioned, it was my mom’s birthday on Friday so we had drinks & appetizers with friends & neighbors before heading to American Players Theater. I’ve mentioned my love for APT before & this experience was just as magical as always. We saw Twelfth Night, which wasn’t my favorite play ever but was enjoyable regardless.

And the company could not have been better.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

My friends Holly & Melissa also came out for the night.

Post-show, we hit up our favorite local hangout, The Shed (also the location of Local Night) for drinks on the patio & karaoke.

Little secret: the amazingly talented actors from APT head to The Shed after most shows. Every other Friday night, they sing karaoke. No, they OWN karaoke. The great thing about many of the actors is that they’re also fantastic singers. Most of the time I feel like I should be paying to watch them sing karaoke.

Saturday was another day full of excitement, including a memorial mass for my grandmother & a family cookout. I have a bunch of pictures of my cousin’s adorable kids. On my mom’s camera. At my parents’ house. Someday, I’ll share the cuteness.

As always when at my parents’ house, I overindulged in sweets, drinks, too many carbs, etc. I always joke that I gain 5 pounds just pulling into their driveway.

Since returning home, I’ve been keeping things clean with lots of veggies, protein & healthy fats. And guess what I did??


That’s right. I successfully cooked an over easy egg for the first time. Ever.

Today I went with my usual egg mess. Black beans, ham, mushrooms, avocado, salsa & Greek yogurt.

And for lunch I’ll be having leftovers of this zucchini “spaghetti” we had for dinner last night.

We have lots of fun stuff going on this week so I’m looking forward to it, even if I am back to work, laundry, cleaning, etc.

What do you have planned for this week/weekend? Tomorrow night I’ll be going to Concerts on the Square for the first time. Then Thursday night we have dinner reservations for Restaurant Week. The weekend will bring either a baseball game or a birthday party (we’ve yet to decide which to attend). Either way, fun will be had, that’s for sure! Enjoy your week!!

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