Thirsty Thursday: Root Beer Float Slushed

A few months ago, I Pinned this:


And I drooled a little bit.

I knew I needed to make this sometime in the near future. But then like always on Pinterest, I got distracted, moved onto the next thing & forgot all about this Vroot Beer.

Yesterday, I decided to take a little look through my Pinterest boards & I spotted it again. And drooled again.

Today I had a little spare time & thought I’d give it a whirl. But I didn’t have all of the neccessary ingredients & certainly didn’t want to go to the store. So, I stopped at the gas station on my way home from my dentist appointment, grabbed a bottle of root beer, and improvised the rest.

Kinda like this.


But not really.

I had no vanilla vodka, but I did have regular.

I didn’t have whipped cream, but I had coconut almond milk.

So I threw some ice in a glass mason jar.

I poured in just a dash of vanilla, a shot or two of vodka, & filled the glass most of the way with root beer. Then, I poured on a little coconut almond milk & stirred it all up.


It tasted great.

But then I had an idea that I knew would take this from great to Tony the Tiger GRRRRRREAT!!

It was a little scary, as is anything that looks like this:

I’m not really sure how/when/where I learned that a mason jar will screw right into a blender, but I did and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try.

It could not have been simpler. You unscrew the base of the blender from the blender vessel. Place it in the holder where you would put the blender vessel. With your filled mason jar on a flat surface, flip the blender over & screw the jar into it, nice & tight.

Flip it back over, plug it in, and blend. I hit the pulse button really quickly at first, simply because I was convinced the jar would shatter. Alas, it did not.

Flip it back over, and unscrew.

Top it off with a little more root beer to make it foam and there you have it. A root beer float that will get you “slushed”.

Is it as pretty as the pin that inspired me? Nope.

But was it tasty? Sure was.

And I don’t know about you, but anything blended is always better than just regular ol’ on the rocks.

But be warned. If you’re day drinking like me, it may make you think it’s appropriate to post a photo of women sitting on urinals.


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