The Day That Spinach Almost Killed Me

Have you ever choked on spinach? Thought it wasn’t possible? Never say never. I’m sure there are junk food junkies out there who would love to say something like, “See?! You shouldn’t eat spinach, it could kill you!!”

But tonight, spinach nearly killed me, a spinach lover & worshipper. I seriously add spinach to just about everything I eat at home.



Frozen Pizza


You get the idea…

Last night, I added it to this:

I got approximately 3 hours of sleep Sunday night Monday morning between my closing shift & my office day at work. When I got home from work last night, cooking was not something I even wanted to pretend to do. In fact, microwaving was a little more effort than I even wanted to put in, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, I heated up my penne and added some spinach. (Sorry, super dark but necessary to the plot so work with me here, mmkay?)

I took one bite. Immediately, I knew something was wrong.

I had both the feeling of choking & almost vomiting, simultaneously. Not knowing what to do & not wanting to panic, I stayed seated on the couch (where I was eating dinner, duh), trying to force the piece of spinach up or down. No dice. Panic set in, I covered my mouth, I gagged, and ran to the bathroom.

My confused husband & dog followed, asking “You’re not choking, are you?” Yes, my dog asked too. He’s smart like that.

I was able to choke out (pun intended) that no I just had a piece of spinach lodged & was going to try to puke it out. Yuck.

But here’s where it gets really TMI. Puking it out or swallowing it was not working. I had to reach in, grab that little guy with my two fingers & pull it out. It washed right down the drain before I had a chance to photograph it (because I know you wanted to see it…) but it was really only the stem. Damn stem!!

It took a few minutes to recover from my watery eyes, runny nose, did-I-really-just-choke-on-spinach?? episode. But I soon was back on the couch, eating my spinach-laced Three Cheese Penne, which btw, was really only just okay. I was careful to chew each & every bite so as not to get any more spinach stems lodged where they don’t need to be.

After dinner, I mixed up a little yogurt snack.

Husband: “What are you eating?”
Me: “Greek yogurt with strawberries & dark chocolate chips.”
Husband: “It’s not going to kill you, is it?”
Me: “Jerk.”

2 thoughts on “The Day That Spinach Almost Killed Me

  1. The funny thing is I searched “choked on spinach” in Google because I had a very similar thing happen to me and the jerk inside me wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one. Spinach can be deadly! I cook it up in a pot every day for dinner. One day I guess I didn’t chew the recommended 10 minutes per biteful and I actually choked on the leafy part. I was hacking for air and my boyfriend whacked my back as hard as he could (ouch) and it went flying out of my mouth.

    Moral of the story, don’t eat spinach alone. If barfing it out doesn’t work you’re gonna need a whack or the Heimlich if you didn’t chew it up well enough.


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