How Did You Find Me?

Happy Saturday peeps! Hope your weekend is going swimmingly. I have a lot of work ahead of me over the next 4 days so I’ve been taking advantage of a little rest the past day or so. Yesterday I had the whole day of & as luck would have it, it was rainy & chilly most of the day. The perfect excuse to lay around on the couch!!

I actually had a lot of homework to do, but luckily I was able to do so from said couch.

Later last night, the hubs & I headed over to Quivey’s Grove for dinner. This place is known for their Friday Night Fish Fry & is literally within walking distance from our house so we had no excuses as to why we’d never tried their fish. Despite the close proximity, we did not walk. Hubby’s not into that sort of thing. Quivey’s is quaint & small so there was over an hour wait for a table. No biggie, we headed to the bar for a drink.

We were finally seated at this adorable little table with a view of the outdoor area where weddings are held.

Hubby ordered the fried cod and I opted for the baked. The potato options were fries or “parmesan potatoes”. I’m kind of picky when it comes to parmesan so I opted for boring ol’ fries. Though I’d never admit it to him, I was jealous of hubby’s potatoes. It was more of a cheesy potato hashbrown casserole that was really good.

My fish & my fries were just okay. Hubby said his was all excellent. I guess there’s a reason they’re known for their fish fry, not bake.

We were also served a basket of warm sourdough bread & a dish of crunchy cole slaw before dinner. It was really dark in there so most of my photos didn’t turn out well.

I think we’ll definitely go back to Quivey’s for fish. Next time, I’ll know to go all out & get the fried.

——-Moving on…

One of my favorite parts of this blog is something you, the reader, are unable to see. It’s the Stats Page.

The Stats Page tells me how many visits I get per day/week/month/all-time, what country my visitors are viewing from, what posts are the most viewed, & how people found my blog. Of course if you’re a fellow blogger, you probably already know all of this so I’ll get to the good stuff.

I get such a kick out of the search terms people use to find me. And the really crazy part is that I’ll use the same search terms, go through dozens of results pages & never find my blog. It doesn’t make sense to me, but I do get a kick out of it.

Here are a few of my favorites:
1. magic mike– Actually, this is #1 on the list. This means that more than any other search terms, “magic mike” has brought the most people to my blog. Isn’t that crazy?! It’s obviously because of this post, which definitely has some nice eye candy.

related searches: joe manganiello magic mike, magic mike pictures, magic might(??) movie

2. sol clamato– This was the #1 until I made that Magic Mike post. We enjoyed many a Sol con Clamato while in Mexico in January.

related searches: sol with clamato in the usa, sol chelada, sol with clamato houston tx, where can i buy sol clamato beer, ojo rojo mexicans beer

3. green spider mums and purple carnations– Yay, our wedding!

related searches: purple carnation wedding centerpieces, green spider mum purple stock centerpiece, mum balls purple

4. gin outside– What a funny search! Obviously they found me due to my Hendrick’s obsession.

related search: hendrick’s gin

5. is popcorn in the bags at subway bad for you– couldn’t tell ya.
related searches: does lady gaga eat popcorn- again, no clue. smartfood selects brown sugar nutrition facts
I see where this is coming from now.

6. kelle hampton hate– for the record I do NOT hate Kelle Hampton. In fact, I kind of adore her. Until this search term was used on my blog a few times, I had no idea she had such a hate club.

7. how sushi chefs cut up an avocado so thin to make a bowl for kani salad– haha, I know where this came from
related searches: imitation crab and edamame, kani salad, barley creek happy hours

Okay, that’s all for now. I get funny ones every day so I’m sure I’ll share more sometime.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!

6 thoughts on “How Did You Find Me?

    1. Oh, and apparently people hate her because she TRIES to make life beautiful. Everything I read on the hater page I found talked about how her mantra is “choosing” to see the beautiful side of everything, but her haters think she’s a poser… I think they’re bitter & jealous that her glass is half full. 😉


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