WIAW & Cancellations

Today is my day off. Which actually means I start my day with class at 9:30, go to lunch with a couple of girlfriends, come home to prep dinner, go to work for a meeting, come home to eat dinner, go for a run & end my day with a few hours of homework. Obviously not all of those things are work, but it’s still a lot on my plate for the day off.

As luck would have it, both my class & my lunch date were cancelled, giving me a few extra hours of me time. Of course I’m bummed that the lunch date didn’t work out, but I was elated when I arrived at school & heard word from a classmate that class had been cancelled.

I came home & got to that dinner prep a bit earlier than planned. After that, I moved on to some homework. Now here I am, 2 hours to go before my meeting & I’m just chillin’ on the couch. I’m really digging how this all worked out. So much so that I might not even do a lick of homework tonight. Once I get home from my meeting I might just allow myself to have a legit night off.

In the mean time, here’s a little bit of what I’ve been eating these days.


…and Diet Coke…

Hubby made pizza for dinner last night so I turned it in pizza salad today.

I was enticed by Boom Chicka Pop once again so that & an apple with chunky peanut butter made for a yummy afternoon snack.

More on the dinner I prepped later!

Happy Hump Day!

Do you ever have plans fall through, giving you a little extra time to yourself, making it not a total bummer?

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