Tuesday Thought Tumble

I made browned butter pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last week. My goal was to successfully make a pumpkin cookie that wasn’t fluffy, rather crispy & crunchy.

The were fluffy. And delicious despite their texture. Stupid pumpkin always making things so soft & fluffy.

Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel on Friday. My 17-year old self died a little bit. Okay, my 28-year old self did too.

Apparently they sold the photos to People magazine. When that issue comes out, you can be sure to find me crying in a corner & pasting little cut out faces of me onto Jessica’s face.

There is a fly in our house. This means Fielder is going absolutely bonkers trying to catch the little guy every time it comes near him. It never gets less funny. Hence, the fly is still living in our home. We’re easily entertained.

It was disgustingly gorgeous outside on Sunday. The disgusting part was because I spent approximately 5 hours doing homework inside when all of the gorgeousness was happening outside. Luckily, Fielder & I made it out for a walk to soak up a little bit of the gorgeousness before it disappeared.

Us too!!

A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Leukemia on Friday. He turned 29 last month. Luckily his cancer was diagnosed in the critical stage & it sounds like treatment will be, though expensive, effective. I have not stopped thinking about it since I heard the news. Scary stuff.

Shantytown 2012 happened last night. Shantytown is a holiday at my place of employment. Each year, as fall sets in & our outdoor patio closes, we throw a big ol’ party outside.

There was whop. And cheap beer.



Some had a little too much fun…

Speaking of my place of employment. We’re kind of a big deal.

Even though it’s been nice & warm, it has also been rainy & gloomy the past two days which makes me crave comfort food like it’s my job. Tonight I whipped up some comfort in the form of chicken pot pie topped with fluffy buttermilk biscuits.

I was planning to be a cupcake for Halloween. I had a last minute change of heart & spent the entire day gluing pieces of fabric together. Yes, I have a sewing machine. I was worried that by the time I actually figured out how to use it, Halloween would already be here. Hey mom, how about that sewing machine lesson?!

Any guesses what my costume might be?

Do you have Halloween plans? Last year we didn’t do a thing. The year before I worked, which means hubby stayed home & did nothing. Needless to say, he really wants to go out this year. Soooo, we’re going out! He ordered a costume online on Sunday. Luckily I was able to talk him out of spending $100, but I don’t think I’ll ever convince him to go the homemade route. My mom made every one of my costumes when I was a kid & it was awesome. While I’ll be pulling glue off of my fingers for days, I’m so happy to be making my own costume now too.
Do you make your own costume?

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Thought Tumble

  1. ALWAYS make my costumes – help others too / it’s the only way! So much fun, good luck, a hot glue gun is a life saver.

    Xoxo. From Trinidad


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