Welcome to My Office

Our house has been, quite literally, turned upside down.

The hubby started ripping out carpet before I got home from work on Friday. I scooped up my afraid-of-any-noise-louder-than-snoring pup & headed to my parents house to avoid helping at all costs get out of the way. No really, Fielder canNOT handle any sort of noise. He doesn’t have many potty accidents at home but anytime there is a thunderstorm when he’s home alone, we can expect a little “treat” for us in the house somewhere. What can I say, noises scare the poop outta him!

Friday night my mom made a super yummy paleasagna. Neither my parents or I are on a paleo diet but it was tasty nonetheless. I failed in the photo department. The rest of the night we watched Lifetime movies & snuggled under blankets. It was a glorius Friday night. I only felt slightly bad that hubby was home slaving away over our new floors.

Fielder & I slept in Saturday morning (the blinds in my room at my parents house block the light so I can sleep for days there!), then I did a few hours of homework before heading to my mom’s salon to get my greys covered. I headed back to Madison, worked until 4am, and was up bright & early to see (and hear) this sight.

So close, yet so far away! Since the last few rows of wood are so close to the wall, the nail gun doesn’t work & Justin has to put in each piece by hand, thus taking longer than any other part of the project. He’ll still need to replace the closet door, trim & fireplace but I’m guessing that will be a process over the next week or so. He’s pretty beat as it is.

We have a fully-functioning office next to our bedroom but we never use it. And since the rest of the house was in shambles, it only seemed appropriate to turn our bed into my office for the day. Here is where I have spent my day, a slave to my homework + little breaks for Facebook, boot shopping on UrbanOg & a few blogs here & there.

Plus, the mess in our kitchen/dining area is giving me a horrible case of anxiety so it’s best that I stay back here, away from the mess. I’ll have to deal with that later.

And while I wasn’t planning to stay in my PJs all day, it’s looking like that may just be the case. I’m hoping to make it to the grocery store tonight, but only if I can actually get to my refrigerator to store my goods…

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday & the time change isn’t messing with you too much. Tomorrow is going to be a dooooozy!

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