I was at home ALL day yesterday. Unless you count the walk that Fielder & I went on. Then I was at home all day, minus approximately 30 minutes of walking around our chilly, sunshiny neighborhood. The best part about being at home all day? Eating at home all day!

After an indulgent weekend (okay, an indulgent Monday too) and with Thanksgiving on the horizon (how?!), a day of yummy eats at home is exactly what my body needed.

Thanks Jenn for hosting the WIAW party as always!

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs, fresh mozzarella, pesto, spinach & tomatoes.

Lunch- leftover spaghetti squash, green beans, pesto, pomodoro sauce & fresh mozzarella.

WATER! Tons of it. All day. I think I filled this bottle 5 times, and had a couple of glasses.

Dinner- black beans, green chile pork, shredded cheese, Greek yogurt, salsa & avocado

I made the green chile pork in the slow cooker & it could not have been easier.

My method:
-4lb pork butt (3-5 pounds would work)
-1 medium white onion, thinly sliced
-2 cloves jumbo garlic or 4 regular
-1 cup chicken broth
-salt & pepper
-2 (4 oz) cans green chiles
-1 (8 oz) can green chile enchilada sauce

Pour chicken broth into slow cooker. Add onions. Place pork butt on top (twine cut off, obviously). Use a knife to cut 4 little slits in the pork and push the garlic cloves into the slits. Sprinkle generously with salt & pepper (or just pepper!) Pour green chiles & enchilada sauce over pork. Cook on low for 9 hours, shred pork & then cook for one more hour.
Notes: This ended up being pretty “juicy”, like overly juicy, so I would eliminate one can of green chiles or reduce the amount of chicken broth. I wouldn’t eliminate it all together because I think it added a nice flavor, but it would help keep it from getting so soupy. I also think mine ended up soupier because I had a particularly fatty roast. I really didn’t have to do much shredding, as the stuff pretty much fell apart, but I did have to pick out some fat chunks. Mmmmm, appetizing right?!

Snacks: Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree (just a couple squares)

peanut butter, Cool Whip & almonds

See that sweet looking tie dye book in the background?

That’s my Senior Yearbook. I had it out to do some research & then of course, spent about an hour paging through it. Wanna see Senior Year Trish?

That’s me! So blonde!

There’s me again, voted Best Smile, but honestly not showing it off so much here. Ha!

And there’s our whole class, all 125(ish) of us.

Ohhh, high school…. 🙂

It was especially funny reading all of the notes from friends. There were mentions of parties I didn’t remember going to, arguments with good friends I didn’t remember being in, and of course great times that I’ll never forget. It’s funny to think how important all of that stuff was to 18-year old me.

Do you ever get your high school yearbooks out to reminisce? Even though I walk by mine every day, I don’t get them out often. But when I do, there is plenty of laughter.

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