Trishmas Day

I love my birthday. Every year. No matter how old I get. But I especially loved my birthday this year as I declared it two majorly exciting things:

1. The First Annual Trishmas Day
a.) how did it take me 29 years to come up with this?!
b.) declaring Trishmas Day means you also get to celebrate the ultra cool Trishmas Eve
c.) declaring Trishmas Day means you may get a beer named after you, if you’re lucky
(P.S. I actually helped “develop” this beer too. I’ll try to explain later.)
Yeah, I’m putting this on here again. #noshame

2. My First 29th Birthday
That’s right. I plan to celebrate 29 for the rest of my birthdays.
Why 29?
Simple. I love odd numbers (it’s no accident our wedding day was 7.9.11) and who wants to turn 30?! And 31 isn’t very exciting soooo 29 ftw!! Or should I say for the life?!

forever 29

Celebrating your birthday at the very start of the “most wonderful time of the year” is not bad. Not bad at all. Oh sure, when I was kid I grumbled about getting joint birthday/Christmas gifts rather than a birthday gift AND a Christmas gift, but now that I’m older, I’m just grateful that I get to spend my birthday with the people I love.

This year was no exception. I worked on Trishmas Eve (p.s.that never gets old. at least not for me.) from 11-7, but when I got done, a bunch of my friends were watching the Badger game at my place of employment so I joined them for drinks & fun. As luck would have it, the Badgers kicked butt & are Rose Bowl bound once again so it was a dual celebration! We stayed until midnight, just long enough to ring in my birthday, & do a shot of tequila before heading home to pass out get some rest.

This particular tequila was consumed in Mexico a few years ago. I find that when in Mexico & a few years younger, the tequila goes down a bit more easily…


Sunday morning, aka Trishmas Day, we headed to brunch where we met my parents, and a few friends.

I had a super yummy Mimosatini.

And an even yummier plate of Drunken Banana French Toast.

It was all great, but holy sugar rush.

We then went tree hunting. It was nearly 60 degrees and sunny. Not your typical Christmas tree hunting weather, but this is me, not complaining.

Hubby did the chopping, while Fielder & I strolled around a bit. We’re not much help with these sorts of things.






Our friends, Brittany & Dan, joined us at the tree farm to find their first tree for their brand new home!

Dan had some difficulties with chopping down their tree. Brittany was a good support. 😉

We came home, took a 20 minute nap, and then I put lights on the outside of the house while the hubby brought in our patio furniture. Better late than never, right?! I told you it’s been warm here!

Horrible photo + minimal lights= STILL FESTIVE! 🙂

I ended my night on the couch in my PJs, with sushi and Elf. A darn good way to finish up a fabulous day!

What about you? Are you all about a huge celebration on your birthday or more about laying low and taking time to relax and soak up every first minute of your new year? As you can probably tell, I like a little bit of both. A meal and a few drinks with a group of friends is great, but I love me some down time. Especially these days when I don’t get much of it.

2 thoughts on “Trishmas Day

  1. HUGE is an understatment I LOVE my birthday. My parents always told me that it was the most important day of everyone elses life! Im also VERY good at celebrating other peoples birthday though too. 🙂
    Love the Merry trishmas idea/sign/etc.

    xoxo from Trinidad


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