A Whirlwind

whirl·wind noun \-ˌwind\

1: a small rotating windstorm of limited extent
2: a: a confused rush : whirl a whirlwind of meetings

The second one. That seems about right. You could say I’ve been a confused rush for the past month or so. How today is the day AFTER Christmas is beyond me.

I hope you all had a very merry day spent with loved ones, making holiday memories. I’m surrounded by wonderful people so I had a fantastic day, but didn’t bother getting the camera out for much of it. Since I’ve been on a blog vacation as of late, I figured I’d throw together a collection of photos from the past few weeks. Not because I think you really care what I’ve been up to, but mostly so I can see it all again, as it all breezed by so quickly I almost didn’t get a chance to soak it all in.

So here goes!

Remember that dress I tried on with jeans?

I actually wore it (sans jeans) to the 10 Year Anniversary Party of my place of employment.
dane party

I also somehow, after plenty of arguing, convinced my husband to wear a suit. He LOVED it.

We toured Lake Louie Brewing for the husband’s birthday.

I’ve probably mentioned before how much we love Lake Louie.

I may have also mentioned that Lake Louie is brewed approximately 10 miles from where I grew up, right smack dab in the middle of nowhere.


Since Lake Louie is our fave, and it’s about as local as you can get for us, this brewery tour had us seriously beer geeking out. My parents and friends went along too, and even the non-beer drinkers in the group (weridos!) had an enjoyable time and found the tour quite interesting.

I got 4 hours of sleep the night before, had a bloody Mary for breakfast, then sampled a few of the brews during the tour. I remember taking this photo and I remember that whatever I was pointing to on that sign was completely irrelevant, but I insisted on taking the photo anyway. Color me happy that the writing on the sign didn’t show up…


After the tour, I had my mom give me a beehive (total every day thing, right?) so we could hit up a Mad Men Holiday Soiree later that evening.


The soiree included a Dean Martin impersonator, Mad Men era cocktails, and tons of great people watching!


Last week we got one helluva snow storm. A month’s worth of snow dumped on us in about 24 hours, followed by super speedy winds and snow drifting. Straight up blizzard. Pretty much the entire city shut down for the day. Except my work. Nope, I had to travel to work in the mess, then drive home when it was even WORSE. I have 4-wheel drive but the snow was so deep it didn’t even matter.

I got stuck. About 2 blocks from home… Coat-less, glove-less, boot-less husband to the rescue!

He dug me out. And then he got stuck.

We both got out. He led the way. I got stuck twice more before we finally got home.

Once I calmed down and warmed up, I headed to the kitchen to make some Christmas cookies. Using this recipe I made some cute Christmas tree shaped red velvet cookies for a holiday party.

The next morning I had to head to work in the still-messy road conditions. Most area schools were called off again and many businesses were closed. I lucked out and got work again. I snapped this photo in attempt to see the beauty in all of it.

Unfortunately the beauty of it was only cool for about a nanosecond. I’m ready for summer.

Last weekend was a flurry of holiday parties & work, followed by working Christmas Eve until heading to my mother-in-law’s for Christmas with her extended family. We were way late to the party & one of the littles even yelled, “About time!” when we walked in the door. Which really just meant that they had been not so patiently waiting for us to arrive so they could open their gifts.

Per tradition, we woke up at my parents’ house Christmas morning. We relaxed, drank coffee, and opened gifts; just the four of us. Okay six, the dogs got gifts, but no coffee. 😉


We quick rushed back to the MIL’s house for Christmas with her. And then to my aunt & uncle’s house for Christmas with my extended family. Luckily my parents, my MIL and my aunt & uncle all live within a 10 mile radius of one another, making for quick travels.

We played Guitar Hero. Here’s Tanner “jammin'”.

Love these littles!

A total whirlwind of a few weeks with plenty of hard work and not nearly enough family time.

I’m off work today and it’s pretty much the first day off I’ve had all month without a single thing I have to do. You might just have to pay me to get out of my pajamas.
Merry day after Christmas!

4 thoughts on “A Whirlwind

  1. WOW….what an amazing/awesome/busy/tiring/fun post! lol I was just remarking yesterday to my other blog friend that remember when vacation was just relaxing…I swear we are SO busy these days! I guess hat is a sign I’m getting old. So happy you had a wonderful couple of weeks. Ive been on my back with my rt leg 80 degrees in the air for 8 days now and counting…its getting better but it still sucks…surgery is painful sometimes

    xoxo from a couch in Texas


  2. your whirlwind sounds a lot like ours! minus a snowstorm, plus a couple colds for the mister and me and we had a similar christmas. right down to the living within a 10-mile radius of all the key relatives and getting up at my parents on christmas morning. glad you had a good one! xxoo.


    1. Oh no! Being sick around the holidays is the worst, hope you’re feeling better! Having most of our family nearby is such a (often taken for granted) blessing. And isn’t waking up at mom & dad’s the best?! I’m such a kid still. 🙂


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