AdvoCare: Day 1

I survived! But I also broke the rules. Kind of.

My information said this:
**To boost the power of the Cleanse, eat only fruits & vegetables for Meals 2-5 on DAY 1 ONLY.

And for some reason, I took it as :
**To boost the power of the Cleanse, do not eat meat on DAY 1.


During the Cleanse phase you’re allowed to eat from the following food groups: protein, fruits, vegetables, low/med glycemic carbs, & healthy fats.

And today, I accidentally ate a few healthy fats & low glycemic carbs when I was only supposed to eat fruits and vegetables.

Sooo, here’s a look at my eats for Day 1, illegal fat and carbs included.

Pre-Breakfast Fiber Drink
I added a splash of sugar free Orange Vitamin Water to add a little flavor without added sugar.
I actually used my blender to make sure it was nice and smooth. I blended it right in the mason jar, using this method.
Day 1- Fiber

Today I sipped on my fiber drink while getting ready for work. As it sat between sips, it got thick. And pretty nasty. Tomorrow I shall slam that fiber drink like it’s my job. The flavor wasn’t bad at all, just needs to be consumed right away.

I opted for a frozen berry “smoothie” to drink on my way to work. I don’t usually have much of an appetite early in the morning so I was hoping “drinking” my breakfast would be easier for me. I blended 1/2 cup berries with a few ice cubes & a few ounces of water. This is also where I incorporated my Spark Energy Drink. I sprinkled the fruit punch flavor into my smoothie and it was soooo good! I’m not really sure if this is against the rules or not, so this may have been where my rule-breaking began today.

Day 1- Breakfast

SPARK is an energy drink that can be used up to 3 times daily. It is suggested to drink right away in the morning on an empty stomach, but since I also needed to drink the fiber, and you can technically drink a SPARK whenever you’d like, I didn’t think it would be a problem to incorporate it into my breakfast.

Note: AdvoCare suggests FRESH/RAW fruits and veggies. I plan to use a mixture of both fresh and frozen, as it’s not exactly berry season around here.

Mid-Morning Snack was a tiny organic apple with about a small spoonful of organic natural unsalted peanut butter.

Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, walnuts, avocado & green apple, sprinkled with lemon juice.
Day 1- Lunch

Mid-afternoon snack was the same as mid-morning.

Roasted zuuchini and sweet potato on organic mixed greens.
Day 1-Dinner

I found these adorable mini zucchinis at Trader Joe’s and had to have them!
Day 1- Dinner Prep

I cut up 5 of these, along with a tiny sweet potato, sprayed both with olive oil cooking spray, sprinkled with salt & pepper, and roasted them at 425 for 15 minutes.
Day 1- Dinner Prep2

Super yum!

Sooo, despite my complete and utter misunderstanding of the “only fruits & veggies” part of the Day 1 rules, I’m feeling pretty good. Ultimately I didn’t eat anything outside of the guidelines for the Cleanse, just outside of the suggested Day 1 guidelines.

I don’t feel hungry, nor did I at any point today. I did get a little nauseous after finishing my breakfast. Again, I don’t normally eat anything that early so the fiber drink in addition to my breakfast smoothie was just a little much for me I think.

A couple of times throughout the day I went to pour myself a little glass of soda while at work. I stopped myself and recognized how much of a habit this had become. I’m sure I’ll come across many more habits over the next couple of weeks. Oddly enough, I didn’t crave much of anything. I was fine with not having the soda and I didn’t cry when I saw an ooey, gooey grilled cheese go out to a table.

In addition to these eats, I drank a ton of water. SO. MUCH. WATER. At least 120 oz. I started out strong right away in the morning, which made me wish my office was a tiiiiny bit closer to the bathroom. My body must have gotten used to it as the day when on though, becuase my water consumption continued, but my bathroom trips decreased a bit. Wahoo!

Overall, I call Day 1 a success even though I messed up a little. Tomorrow is a new day. My only gripe about the challenge thus far is the conflicting information I’ve come across. Information that really didn’t occur to me until today when I actually had to follow the guidelines rather than just read them.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t weighed myself yet. But since weight can fluctuate a few pounds even just in one day, I’ll save my results. I’m thinking I’ll do a weigh/measurement post once a week.

How do you get through the first day of something tough? Is it a mental game? Is it about keeping busy? I think I do a little bit of both. For this particular challenge, keeping busy might just be the key to success for me. Less boredom=less eating.

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