The Windy City

This past weekend, I headed to Chicago with a few of my girlfriends to celebrate my dear friend Melissa’s birthday. We left Sunday morning and were back by 5:00 on Monday, but we packed as much as we could into that time and had such a fun little trip.
We got into town around noon and were grateful to be able to check in early to chill for a bit before heading out for a drink. Since I’m on a cleanse, I stuck to hot water with lemon even though we were at a wine bar with a really tempting drink menu.


After our drink at CRU, Melissa, Holly and I fetched a cab to the Bank of America Theater where we saw The Book of Mormon. I didn’t know much about the show before going, but had listened to a bit of the music and knew the basic premise.

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the absolute hilariousness that is this show. Seriously, freaking hilarious. If you’re the tiniest bit uptight, don’t see it. If you don’t have a sense of humor, particularly about religion, don’t see it. If you don’t like f-bombs, don’t see it.
book of mormon
But if you think you can handle a few ton of f-bombs, a funny story about a couple of naive Mormon missionaries sent to Uganda to share The Book of Mormon, and amazing singing and dancing, then please, hurry up and see this show!

It’s created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, you know, the South Park guys, so you can imagine it’s pretty raunchy. I’m not necessarily a huge South Park fan, but I simply adored this show.

We headed back to our hotel to freshen up, and then walked down the street to the Hancock Tower for a drink at the bar on the 95th floor. The view wasn’t awful.

hancock view

I chose a non-aloholic beverage from the drink menu that contained raspberries, lime, mint and club soda. When I was about halfway through the drink, it occurred to me that there was probably sugar muddled in with the raspberries. But it was tasty, and the damage was already done, so I finished it.
hancock drink

Our next stop was Friends Sushi where I took one really lousy photo of some of the rolls we had. Even though white rice is off limits on the cleanse, I indulged. It was worth it.

Next, we headed to The World-Famous Billy Goat Tavern, made famous by the John Belushi “Cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger” skit on SNL.
billy goat

Our bartender, Bobby, was the best. He bought two shots for the birthday girl and let her get behind the bar for a photo with the Horny Goat.

Of course you can’t go to the Billy Goat without trying one of the “cheezborgers” so the girls ordered a couple and saved me one bite. Yum!

We were back in our hotel room by 11 and the birthday girl was all but passed out before it struck midnight on her actual birthday.

We slept in a bit on Monday morning, took our time getting ready, then headed out for breakfast. Since it was 11:30 on a Monday, our options were a bit limited on the breakfast/brunch front so we headed to an all-day breakfast joint, The Original Pancake House.

I went with the egg white veggie scramble and indulged in a slice of whole wheat bread, no butter.

Everything was fantastic. While I enjoyed a hot Spark, I did get a little coffee envy for the first time since starting the cleanse. It just looked soooo good!

We did a little shopping and then headed to “The Bean”.



A quick stop at Sprinkles and we were on our way home.

This stop at Sprinkles was a true test of willpower for me. I almost didn’t go in, but found a convenient parking spot so I decided to go for it.

I took in the sights and smells, but didn’t indulge. I did, however, dream about my future cupcake shop the entire drive home.

I don’t think I’ll have a cupcake ATM, but it is a great idea!
cupcake atm

It was a great (even if brief) trip to The Windy City, in celebration of one of the best girls I know. Since I didn’t get to really taste Chicago, I’ve been living vicariously through Jordan’s posts about Chicago.

Even though it’s less than 3 hours away, I don’t make it to Chicago often. Each time I’m there I’m reminded of how great it is. Next time, I think I’ll stay a bit longer, and take in a little more of everything it has to offer.

Have you been to Chicago? Any recommendations for my next trip?

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