AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse: Complete!

In case you’re just tuning in, yesterday marked the final day of my 10-Day Cleanse, which is the first leg of my 24-Day Challenge.

Over the past 10 days, I steered clear of dairy, alcohol, sugar*, white starches**, soda***, coffee, and fried foods ****.

*There may have been sugar in the raspberry drink I had in Chicago last weekned.

**I ate white rice in sushi while in Chicago too.

***I had one sip of Diet Pepsi at work last week, and one sip of Zevia Cola last night. I miss soda more than any food.

****I had an overwhelming urge to eat a fry at work earlier this week. So I ate 6. At least it wasn’t an entire order of fries?

So I wasn’t perfect. But I did better than I ever thought I would. Let’s look at the bright side. I did NOT consume any dairy, unless it was hiding in something that I ate, but I really don’t think so. I did NOT consume any alcohol. And I did NOT consume any coffee.

And the really sunny side, my results!


ARMS- 1/2 inch each

WAIST- 1.5 inches

BELLY- 3 inches (across belly button)

HIPS- 1/2 inch

THIGHS- 1 inch each

CHEST- 1 inch

Note: I did what every diet tells you not to do, and weighed myself every day, plus took measurements halfway through. My weight is actually up a bit from midway, and my waist loss is down a little. I measured closer to 2 inches lost on Monday, but whatevs, some fluctuation is obviously expected.

Not too shabby, eh?

-I feel good. My clothes are fitting better, my muffin top is feeling more like a mini muffin (R.I.P.) top. Getting dressed is not nearly as depressing as it was just two weeks ago. My face feels (looks?) thinner and my chin feels more like a single than a double. My face is always the first thing to show weight loss/gain.
-Overall, I definitely have more energy. I usually only drink one Spark each day, as I really don’t find a need for a second or third. As I’ve mentioned before, coffee has never been a must for me, I usually just drink it because I like the taste. Same with soda. I don’t drink it for the energy, I drink because I like love it. I think the amount of water I’m drinking (around 120 oz. every day!) is helping with energy levels so the desire for the added Spark isn’t necessary.
-I’m not hungry. I’m not craving sugar, pasta, etc. I was really worried about this, but can honestly say that until someone says “sandwich”, “cheese pizza”, “beer”, or “cookie”, I don’t really think too much about those things. Even when browsing Pinterest or the bunches of yummy food blogs I follow.
-The Meal Replacement Shake. Honestly, without this, I would be eating pancakes for breakfast. Eggs were just too much for me. I love the Mocha shake and it is a completely satisfying breakfast.

THE CONS:-This isn’t really a con about the program at all, but I’m disappointed in my skin. I really thought that by cutting out dairy & processed foods, and adding SO. MUCH. WATER. that my skin would clear up. Nope. Still struggling with major chin and neck acne.

Actually, I think that’s the only negative thing I can think of.

-I’ve really been struggling with eating so often and timing my meals 2-3 hours apart. My job is not static, it is completely unpredictable at times and it’s nearly impossible to determine whether I’ll be in my office and able to eat every 2-3 hours. But I’m doing my best. Additionally, I struggled to even be hungry enough to eat that often, especially on the fiber drink days. Man, that stuff fills you up! There were a few days where I couldn’t eat the recommended amounts of food because I was simply too full. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just makes it tough to follow the suggested plan.
-As I may have mentioned already a billion times, I miss soda. I wasn’t even drinking that much of it before I started the Cleanse, maybe 1 or 2 a week, but I miss it like crazy now. I miss chips too. Not gonna lie. Chips and soda are about the only two things I think of without them being brought to my attention by someone else. I’m really going to try to hold off on the chips until I go on vacation next month so that I can eat allll the fresh tortilla chips I want without an ounce of guilt. Keep in mind, that’s approximately 39 days away. I may have a weak moment before then.
-Carbs. Specifically starches. My greatest weight loss results show when I really minimize starch intake. I stuck to black beans for my main starch at the beginning of my cleanse, but over this past week I was a bit more lenient. I ate a piece of whole wheat toast, some cous cous, brown rice two nights in a row, and my weigh-ins the next morning weren’t as exciting. I also didn’t feel as good. I’m not planning to eliminate them as I know they are part of a well-balanced diet, I’m just going to try to really minimize them from my nighttime eating from here on out.

Today begins the Max Phase. I’ll continue eating like I have been, with a little more excitment and creativity. Admittedly, I’ve been pretty boring with my eats for the past ten days. I also have a bottle of Catalyst coming today (FedEx pulled up no less more than 4 minutes after I typed that!), which is supposed to maintain muscle mass while burning fat. I won’t pretend I have much muscle to maintain, but I’ll keep any little bit I can!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading throughout these past 10 days. Many other reviews of the AdvoCare products/results/experiences. I find that many people say that the Max Phase is where you are actually supposed to lose the weight, and that losing weight during the Cleanse Phase isn’t necessarily a given, as it’s really just meant to rid your body of the toxins from eating all of the junk we eat when not cleansing. I think it’s pretty obvious though, that giving up dairy, alcohol, white starches, sugar, etc. would mean pretty quick weight loss.

I’m jazzed about my results and I’m looking forward to losing more pounds and inches and continuing to feel better.

Sorry for all the rambling. Are you ready for the Challenge yet? You can order your 24-Day Challenge bundle right here.


21 thoughts on “AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse: Complete!

  1. If you are struggling with neck and chin acne, try benedyrl or anti-itch cream with hydrocortisone in it. For years I went to dermatologists for acne on my lower face and neck, was prescribed all kinds of creams and pills, nothing worked. Finally when I moved to NM and tried a new dermatologist, he looked at my face with his magnifying glass and told me I had allergic acne and to try a dab of hydrocortisone cream on it in the evening before bed and in the morning, cleared it right up.


      1. At 45 I started the chin and neck acne. Change your pillow case every night or two…made a big difference for me. I started using Burt’s Bees blemish stick which is really just essential oils in a small roll on container and it cleared me up right away.


  2. I started the ten day challenge six days ago, today I weighed myself, I am down 10 pounds!!!! I am amazed at the results. I realize that I have cut out a lot of stuff but over all, I feel really good. (I could not stop drinking coffee, but I do limit this to one cup a day.) I am excited to see what the next four days brings and then onto the max phase. I really feel AdvoCare works wonders, gives that extra boost that is always needed. Congrats to you for having such great success.


    1. Good for you! I’m looking to do another cleanse sometime soon, as I actually loved the way I felt when I was doing it. I’m back to eating dairy now, but I recognize that I feel SO much better without it so I’m really trying to limit my intake. Congrats to you as well!


  3. I just ordered my 10 day cleanse kit today! i can’t wait to start and see the results. thanks for posting your experience! I wonder if sparkling water would quench your thirst for soda??


    1. Good for you, it really is a great series of products! I did try sparkling water with lemon and lime a few times and it certainly helped. Nothing quenches that desire for a soda quite like an actual soda though. Thankfully I’ve reached a point where I’m good with just a few sips a couple times a week. Those mini cans of soda are perfect!


  4. I just finished day ten of the 24 day challenge. I refuse to get on a scale as no matter what the number is, it’s alway too high. I have, however, lost 23.5″ overall. Amazing! My energy is through the roof.


  5. I know you posted this a year ago. But I am currently about tk start day 4 of JUST the cleanse. (3/20) when did you notice a change in your body? I’m a paranoid person and feel that I don’t look any different. I have been eating clean, lots of veggies and fish ect.
    Anything will help.


    1. Hi Brittany!
      I seem to remember noticing changes around the 6 or 7 day mark. Day 4 was tough. I was really tired and wanted to eat something bad for me. But I persevered and then felt great thereafter. When I noticed my body changing a couple days later, it made it all worth it. I’m not currently using any Advocare products but I am a firm believer that they are great products to help you kick start your weight loss journey.
      Good luck!


  6. The advocare supplements and meal replacement shakes contain iodine and biotin…both cause acne. Biotin increases cell turn over so rapidly that the dead skin cells clog pores.. I am an esthetician and I use spark (but watch how much and get enough water because excess B12 is also a trigger for the acne prone) but I hesitate to do the whole program just because of these ingredients. Perhaps you can reconfigure and use certain products/meal plans and skip the vitamins that are known to cause acne… Just a thought 🙂 congratulations on your success so far!


  7. It’s funny you mention the acne. I lost 30 pounds using AdvoCare and nothing has ever work for me like this except weight watchers and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t work out too much while using AdvoCare so I know my results could have been better however I fit back into all my cloths but had to stop because my skin around my chin was breaking out SO BAD it was unbearable!!! I never struggled with acne there before, however struggled with it on my face before however I would get painful large mounds around my jaw line and wasn’t sure if it was from the meal replacement shakes or the vitamin packs. I’d taken fish oil before so I knew it wasn’t that. It’s been 2 yrs since I’ve used it and I started using just the shakes again three days ago and come to find out I’m getting large acne on my chin line again. My face has been crystal clear since off AdvoCare! 🤔


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