Nope. Not the TV show, though I do love me some Kiefer Sutherland. Particularly when he’s playing a bada$$. He just happens to do so quite well in two of my all-time favorite movies. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Stand By Me


The Lost Boys


Mmhmm, he’s pretty good at playing bad. Speaking of Kiefer, he liked Alyssa’s photo of himself on her Instagram last week. Um, coolness.

Okayyy, where were we?

Oh, yes. 24! The 24 I speak of is the final day of my 24-Day Challenge!

You guys. I survived. I wasn’t perfect, but I survived. I have a major case of PMS this week and really struggled to keep my fingers out of the fry bin at work. I also really struggled to keep my face out of the nuts in my office. I really just typed that. I thought about changing it, but maybe you need a laugh today. You’re welcome.

My Results
(For those of you who scrolled immediately to this, you should really read that last paragraph. You probably won’t regret it.)
My measurements really didn’t change much from my last update, but overall I feel a lot leaner. The most noticeable difference for me is in my face. Prior to this week, I would have said that about my midsection, buuuuut since my “favorite aunt” is planning a visit next week, said midsection is feeling a bit bloaty.

I lost 10.8 pounds. No complaints there. Keeping it off will be the real struggle.

Which brings me to…

What’s Next
I’ve decided to continue on with the Max Phase for another 14-day round. I’ll continue to eat according to the plan for the most part, while allowing myself cheats here and there. This means I’ll also continue to take the supplements included in the Max Phase. I’ll keep drinking the Meal Replacement Shakes for breakfast, and continue to take Catalyst to support my workouts. P.S. My abs are killing me from doing a handful of FitSugar workouts last night. I’ve been doing 3-5 ten minute workouts a few days a week.

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing, and provide a full summary of my thoughts on the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge soon. But for now, one of those cheats is calling my name. Headed downtown for a famous Dotty’s burger!

Happy Weekend!!

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