A Summary of Events

I’ve been away from the blog world for a few days. Okay, 10 days is more than a few, you’re right. I’ve been busy. I’ve been having fun. Perhaps a bit too much fun, even. I got drunk. Twice. And once was on a Tuesday. A few years ago that would have been the norm for me, but it’s pretty uncharacteristic of me as of late. Oh well, sometimes getting drunk is a part of having fun, especially when you live in Wisconsin, so we’ll just chalk it up to good ol’ Wisconsin fun.

I’m lazy today. And for some reason can’t find the ambition to do anything more than make picture collages on PicMonkey. So here it is, a summary of my week, in collage format. P.S. I left out all of the boring parts. Like work. You don’t want to see that, but trust me, there was plenty of it.

Tuesday was spent in Wausau, WI. There is a Great Dane there so a bunch of Daners from the other stores here in Madison headed North for a day of skiing. Some of us prefer to stay indoors so we got cozy in the lodge with some games & $16.50 pitchers of Great Dane beer. Yikes. Employee discount does not apply at the ski lodge.

Post-skiiing, we hit up the Wausau Great Dane, then our hotel bar, then the hotel swimming pool. It was a long day. The next morning was a little rough for me, but we had a great time!

I baked Thursday night, and frosted Friday.
scotch ale peanut butter cup
A friend is celebrating his 30th birthday tomorrow so his wife & family threw him a surprise party Friday night. Since they had the party at my place of employment, I did the party planning AND the baking (of course I got to attend too :)). These Scotch Ale Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes might just be my favorite cupcake ever. Sadly, I just had one bite, so as to keep my diet somewhat in check.

We didn’t stay out too late Friday night, but since I had Saturday off as well, I took advantage of sleeping in a bit. I had lunch with my mom & a friend. And then I took a nap. So did my boys. A few girlfriends & I went to see The Avett Brothers at The Orpheum last night. We grabbed dinner & drinks at The Old Fashioned before the show. Great food, great drinks, great show, & great company!

wknd collage

Luckily I feel fine today, but I am SO LAZY, which I may have already mentioned. Time to get my butt moving before I have to head in to work for the night.

How have YOU been?! Any live music in your life recently? Since I’m generally a pretty boring person and love it that way, I don’t go out to see live music all too frequently. I kick myself each time I do because I forget how much I freakin’ love it and need to do it more often. We were dancing out butts off last night. The Avett Brothers are truly talented and put on a great show.

4 thoughts on “A Summary of Events

  1. So jealous that you saw The Avett Brothers! Glad to hear they put on a good show.

    I’m heading down to Madison this weekend — any beers you would recommend me drinking at The Dane?


    1. Depends on your taste, I suppose. 🙂 Tomorrow is the start of “Bock Season” so that means lots of sweet, malty, high octane beers. If you like something lighter try the German or Pecks Pils. Scotch Ale is always great if you like something sweet, as is the Velvet Hammer or Oatmeal Stout. Depending which location you visit, there could be some pretty great specialties as well. You can always ask for a small taste to find one you like. 🙂


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