Love Juice & Other Treats

I’ve been juicing. Not juice fasting or anything crazy like that, this girl needs food. Just juicing. I’ve been incorporating fresh juice into my daily eats, either as a snack or in addition to a protein, to complete a meal. I’m a novice, and really don’t follow any recipes. I make juice out of a combination of crap that’s about to go bad in my fridge and stuff that looks good at the grocery store and seems like it would make good juice. I do know that in order to keep sugar and calories low, fresh juice should be about 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. Inspired by this season of love that’s upon us, I juiced up some pretty purple goodness last night. Love juice, if you will.


The pulp from this stuff was so gorgeous I almost couldn’t bear to throw it down the garbage disposal (some day when I have a little more time, I plan to bake up some muffins with the pulp from my juices) so I took a picture first.



This ish is good.

You should make some.
– 1 apple – 2 cucumbers – 2 red plums – 5 strawberries – handful cranberries – handful baby carrots – handful grape tomatoes – 1 small head red cabbage – 1/2 small head lettuce – I suppose my fruit/vegetable ratio is a bit off on this one, but it’s the only non-green juice I’ve made so that doesn’t concern me too much.

But if you’re looking to make something a bit more sinful than 60/40 juice for your Valentine, try one of these:

Caramel-Filled Chocolate Turtle Cupcakes


Heart Healthy Cookies

Naughty & Nice Conversation Heart Cookies

Or these cookies, that I saw on Erin’s blog and have in the oven right now. Extra hugs to Erin tonight, as she lost a very special man this week.

Night night, loves!

One thought on “Love Juice & Other Treats

  1. you are the sweetest. i will take your hugs, and enjoy them while eating one of those cookies. as hard as this weekend will be, knowing that awesome people like you are out there thinking of us makes it easier. xo.


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