The Best Doctor In Town

I’m not headache person. Usually. I got a little preview of this migraine on Saturday, but had no idea how absolutely horrendous I could feel until I woke up this morning. Light, noise, movement=my worst enemies today.

I nearly fell down upon getting out of bed this morning. The sight of the sun shining on the snow had me running to the bathroom in fear of vomiting when I let Fielder outside. I knew work wasn’t an option so I climbed back into bed and restlessly slept for another 3 hours. With vacation just over a week away, I forced myself to go into work for a few hours. Sitting in front of my computer was positively vomit-inducing, even while wearing sunglasses, so I headed back home. I made a quick pit stop at Walgreen’s for Excedrin Migraine & some magnesium, as I’ve heard it’s a great natural migraine remedy. I took the Excedrin first, out of pure desperation, and per recommendation. I don’t do pain relievers really. They do a number on my tummy and I’m a firm believer that any aches or pains we have are for a reason. Our body is trying to tell us something. Popping pills will only temporarily help until our body figures out what it’s lacking/needing and tells us how to get it. It is for that reason a bottle of ibuprofen lasts me well beyond the expiration date. It is also for that reason that I’m mad at myself for popping said pills today. But I needed relief, quickly. It seems to have helped a bit. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. It hurts to watch tv. But my head isn’t throbbing as much. My pillow no longer feels like a rock. And I’m able to do a little work on my tablet, on it’s dimmest setting.

The silver lining?
This guy.

The best doctor in town.

Tell me, have you dealt with migraines? What was the best remedy? I’d really love to go the natural route here. I have a feeling this migraine may be caused by my recent dietary changes and/or supplements I’ve been taking. I finished up the last of my AdvoCare supplements on Friday. I’m not sure if this is my body’s reaction to lacking something it got used to over the past month or so? At any rate, I’d love to hear of natural migraine remedies that have worked for you.

Better yet, let’s not talk about migraines. How was your weekend? Tell me something fun! I actually had a really great weekend, with the only blip in the radar being the throbbing headache that hit me while doing some pre-vacation shopping on Saturday afternoon. The hubby and I had dinner and a margarita flight on Friday night to prep for our vacay. Saturday morning I met my parents and we all had pedicures (they’re leaving for vacation a few days before us). I did some aforementioned shopping. I worked the closing shift Saturday night so I slept in on Sunday, then went to dinner and West Side Story at The Overture Center with my mom last night. Great weekend in the books, but what a crappy Monday!!

6 thoughts on “The Best Doctor In Town

    1. Too funny Shutie. I too, felt bad, when I realized that was you because my immediate thought was “Who is this snatch honking at me? Doesn’t she know I have a headache?!” Haha, but obviously I don’t think you’re a snatch. 😉


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