Friday Fluff

Friday Food
Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil

2012-01-09-CoconutOil (image source)

I assure you, anything you’ve ever cooked in olive oil, tastes better cooked in this stuff.
Chicken and Veggies.

Protein Pancake Disasters. One egg, one banana, one tablespoon Greek yogurt.


Friday Fashion
I had the day off yesterday, which actually meant I was at work before 7am. In my pajamas. And when I got home, I continued to wear them until I showered at about 4pm. Since I don’t work until 7:00 tonight, I have a feeling we’ll have a repeat pajama day.

Friday Fire
fire collage

It’s cold and snowy outside. I’ve been hunkered down inside with the fireplace rolling and every candle in the house lit.


I. MUST. GO. I’ve never seen JT perform sans Chris, Joey, Lance, & JC. I love Jay-Z almost as much at JT. I will be at this show.

Friday Filth
I happened upon an episode of this trainwreck a couple weeks ago. I was immediately sucked in to the drama. Maybe it’s because I’m a restaurant manager and I can’t believe the crap Lisa lets her staff get away with. Maybe it’s because some of the cast members are pretty easy on the eyes. I can’t explain it, but I find myself immediately switching to Bravo each time I turn on the tv.

Friday Food pt. 2

I started seeing this stuff right around the time last month that I was giving up dairy. I longed for it every time I saw it. And this week, I finally went for it. I’ve incorporated some dairy back into my diet, mostly because I REALLY missed Chobani. I was dying to try Bite and I LOVED it. So far I’ve yet to try anything but the Caramel Pineapple flavor, but I can’t WAIT to try the Coffee Dark Chocolate Bite!

Friday (actual) Fluff
numbered dog collage

We’re dog-sitting for my parents for a few days, which means there is double the fluffy cuteness going on in our house right now.
1. Fielder’s annoyed face is totally showing here. He is all bent out of shape because he doesn’t like to share his things. And by his things, I mean his bed and his parents.
2. Obviously cuteness runs in the genes. My dogbrother is such a handsome boy.
3. Fielder is getting seriously nervous about me packing my suitcase.
4. There’s not doubt he’s my dogchild. He can’t get enough heat!
5. Higgins is totally a man’s dog. The second Justin got home from work, he had a Westie-shaped shadow. The second he sat on the couch, he had a Westie-shaped growth. Higgins has to be touching some part of either of us at all times when we’re sitting still.


I know I’ve professed my love for Justin before so it goes without saying that I could NOT be more stoked about all of this JT news.

**edited to add…

Friday Funny

I just can’t stop watching. Serious LOLing going on here.

Happy Friday, friends!

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