Friday Fluff

Today’s Friday Fluff post is brought to you by the letter B. As in I’m incredibly, inexplicably, utterly BUMMED that I’m not still on the beach.

This. Is where I’m meant to be.

While I’m grateful for the little luxuries of home; cuddles with my pup, drinking tap water, a full-sized refrigerator (our condo had just a mini fridge), my own bed, and sending a text message, I’d be perefectly happy to be right back on that very beach again today. Tomorrow. The next day. And the next…

But since that can’t happen, on with the fluff!

You knew this one was coming.

candy crush
I can’t explain it so I won’t try, but I cannot stop playing Candy Crush Saga right now.

Not in MY oven, but did you hear that my favorite blogger is expecting?! Hop on over and send IGE some congrats!

My love for cupcakes will never wane, but lately I’m on a bit of a cookie kick.
I made these for Valentine’s Day.

And these the second we got back from vacation. Okay, not the second we got back, but the next day. I missed my kitchen!!

The mounds of snow in our yard are getting some sun today, which is great, and it sounds like we’ll probably be flooding this weekend from the warm temps and melting snow, but dang! That reflection is no joke! And this photo obviously does it not justice.


My poor little camera didn’t make it through our trip. Thank goodness for decent camera phones. This is honestly not so sad for me, as I’ve been really wanting to upgrade to a DSLR of some sort. I might just have to treat myself to a new camera with some of our tax return. Suggestions, please!

I planned to read Gone Girl while on vacay, but somehow it didn’t make it into my suitcase. I picked up Jaycee Dugard’s memoir, A Stolen Life, and was hooked on day one. I couldn’t put it down. I remember being so intrigued by her being found alive a few years ago, after her kidnapping 18 years earlier. The book was a quick read, as she had no formal education after age 11, and at times I felt almost guilty for reading it. It was pretty graphic, but mostly from an 11 year old’s naive perspective, but captivating nonetheless. Hoping I’ll get to Gone Girl soon!

Is there anything worse than goopy, greasy, sunscreen that doesn’t rub in, no matter how long you work at it? I think not. I cannot praise this stuff highly enough. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch is the bee’s knees. I applied this stuff to my face, neck, and chest (I used a cheaper Target brand for the rest of my body) 3-4 times a day while in Mexico last week and never once did I feel gross or shiny. It rubs in super quickly and leaves your face just as dry as before you applied. A+

And last but not least…

my favorite BITCHES are BACK on BRAVO
Or maybe they have been for awhile and I just didn’t know it, but I saw a preview today and I can’t wait! These bitches are my favorite of all the housewives and always will be. Our DVR has been on the fritz and won’t allow us to watch anything, but is luckily still recording shows. I’ll be calling our cable provider muy pronto so I can watch this trainwreck as well as see the conclusion of my previously mentioned other guilty pleasure, Vanderpump Rules. I’m sorry guys, this is so embarassing. I honestly don’t even turn the tv on for DAYS at a time, but when I do, I’m drawn to trash. *shakes head in shame*

dos equis

The Dos Equis man knows me so well.

That’s all the fluff I’ve got, what kind of fluff is tumbling around in your mind today?

Happy Weekend to you all!

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