20/20 Tuesday

I have the day off, which is sweet in and of itself. However, there are a few things that have made it a bit sweeter.

20 things, give or take.

See for yourself. Pun intended.

1. Ignoring the weather.
March 19th, 2012 looked like this.
Let’s just say, it does NOT look like that out my front door today. I know I live in Wisconsin. I know last year’s March warm spell was a fluke. But can we catch a break here? Isn’t there a happy medium?!

2. Netflix
Particularly Pretty Little Liars, at the moment. I watched the entire first season last week. Once I’m done with this heavily addictive show, I’m looking forward to watching some documentaries and other series’ I’ve been hearing people talk about for years. We’re a bit late to the Netflix game.

3. Tyler Blackburn
Without PLL, I’d have never known about this beautiful man.

4. 1983 was a good year.

5. Goodwill
I’m in the beginning process of a gallery wall project, which means I’ve been hitting up Goodwill for old frames that I’m revamping.

6. Cuties
They’re just so…CUTE!

7. Lovebug
My mom is a horrible influence on me/reeeally wants a grandchild. So, she calls and tells me about adorable pups online and then I become obsessed and can’t stop until find the. perfect. pup. Of course Fielder will need to approve.

8. My new Ellie capris.
It’s ironic because I actually cancelled my subscription a couple of days before I got my latest outfit. I was a bit annoyed about PV Body switching over to Ellie, and simply didn’t need to be spending money on new workout gear each month, whether it was a good deal or not.

9. This package of tortillas.
Do you see what I see?
What I see is 8 tortillas with enchilada stuffing in the that baking dish, and one remaining tortilla in that so-called 8 count package. This, my friends, is a package of tortillas after my own odd-number loving heart.

10. March Madness
Did you fill out a bracket?! I honestly don’t care about NCAA basketball. Of course I want my Badgers to win, but more importantly, I want my bracket to win! I have this weird 6th sense when it comes to these things and always end up doing pretty well for someone who doesn’t know a free throw from a touchdown.

11. Daylight Savings Time
Please don’t virtual slap me. I know getting up in the dark sucks, but the extra hour of sunlight at night is doing my soul some serious good. Check out Janetha’s tips for saving time in the morning to help ease the DST pain.

12. Lentil
Yeah, another puppy. I can’t help it.

13. Target
No explanation necessary, right?

14. Springy clearance items (at Target).
We’re not cloth napkin people ’round here, but for $6, I know I’ll find a reason to use these.

15. My cousin, Lexi.
Technically, she made my Monday sweeter, as we had a nice little chat last night. But this morning I noticed that she finally blogged again after a much too long hiatus. Yay!

16. Guilty as charged.

17. Speaking of shoes…

Obviously I wore these on St. Patrick’s Day. And I’m keeping them by the front door so I can wear them again the second the weather allows me to go out with fewer than 3 pairs of socks.

18. Breakfast
Couldn’t tell you the last time I actually sat down at the table and enjoyed breakfast by myself before today. I even brewed a pot of coffee and poured myself a giant cup (I think I had about two sips) just because it was such a sunny, bright morning that brewing coffee just fit.

19. πŸ™‚

20. One man’s trash…my treasure.
I couldn’t resist taking home a couple of these adorable plates at Goodwill today.

And last but could not be further from least…

Come on you guys, you know I don’t do even numbers. I almost vomited even typing the title of this post. You also know that I couldn’t not talk about the most exciting thing since November 5th, 2002.

21. The 20/20 Experience
Yeah, I bought the CD. I’m old school. Plus, I need it to add to the JT collection so that someday my kids can see how in love I was with not one, but two amazing men named Justin. πŸ˜‰
I did some cleaning this afternoon while listening and I like what I’m hearing. So far my faves are Mirrors (also, the video totally rocks but I can’t find a solid source to share), Tunnel Vision, Pusher Love Girl, Let the Groove Get In, Dress On, and Body Count. I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be able to name off the rest of the album my favorites. The best part? This is only the first half of the album!! The second half is due to drop in November. Holla!!

Also, I’m not sure that I mentioned it before, but I am definitely going to The Legends of Summer Tour at Soldier Field in July. The tickets are officially in my possession. AHHHHH!!!

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for bearing with me if you’re still here.

What’s making your day sweet?

4 thoughts on “20/20 Tuesday

  1. Love the green shoes! And I was annoyed about the Ellie switch, too, but I can’t deny that I loooove the new clothes. So comfy! Thanks for the link love πŸ™‚ xoxo


  2. Wow…so many things to comment on! I am a HUGE PLL fan…been with them from the start…its so addicting. I just posted about it on my blog FB page the other day… πŸ™‚ I miss Target shopping…oh well. That concert looks sic….enjoy girlie!

    xoxo from Trinidad


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