Pretty Productive

Sometimes, when I have a day off, I like to spend the entire day doing absolutely nothing. Given my recent new obsession with Pretty Little Liars, nothing actually equates to watching it on NetFlix all day, maybe sending a few work emails, doing some laundry, just little things that require minimal effort and nothing that requires me getting out of my pjs. If I work out, I’ll add a sports bra to my pajama ensemble. Mmmhmm, that’s a day off.

When I have the luxury of two days off in a row, I spend the first day doing as much as possible so I can enjoy the day off laziness without feeling too guilty.

Yesterday, I was pretty productive.

The boy is finally feeling better, as evidenced by a.) begging me to go buy him “the winning Powerball ticket” on Saturday night, to which I finally obliged. I asked if they would card me (I know nothing about these lottery things). His response was laughter, the kind that could only come from that of a husband on the mend. b.) seeing a Pizza Hut commercial after the lottery run and subsequently ordering Tuscani Chicken Pasta to be delivered. At 9pm.

Since he was feeling better, I put him to work hanging a couple of curtain rods. We’ve lived here for nearly three years and we finally have curtains in our living room!


I also had him remove the curtain rod in our bedroom and raise it by about 6 inches, after seeing a cool tip on Pinterest about how higher curtains give the room a bigger feel. I’m not sure if the room feels bigger, but at least the curtains I never got around to hemming aren’t touching the ground anymore! 😉

I spent a good portion of my day making this cute dinosaur cupcake cake for a friend’s birthday. I followed these instructions.

While the cupcakes were cooling, I took a little time to organize my cupcake liners. By color. Everyone does this, right?

There was sweeping, dusting, vacuuming. There was lunch, courtesy of Culver’s.

I took a few breaks from productivity for snuggles with this guy.

Dinner time sort of snuck up on me so I roasted a spaghetti squash while doing other things. Cutting that thing is so darn frustrating!
Yes, I swapped this knife for a serrated knife right after I took the pic. Still, so annoying.

I heated some TJ’s Turkey Meatballs with a jar of spaghetti sauce and called it dinner.

There was laundry, of which most is still in a heap on the floor near the dryer, with the exception of clean sheets that we fell into before 10pm. Being productive is hard work!

As for today? Well, so far today looks a little like this.

And this.

How do you spend your day off? Get as much done as possible? Or as little as possible? Now that I’m working fewer late nights followed by early mornings, I’m able to get more things done every day, rather than needing to cram everything into one day. I also consider it a luxury to often times have days off during the week so I can get all of my errands run without dealing with the weekend crowds. Huge bonus!

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