March kind of never happened for me. It began while we were on vacation and I had the hardest time remembering that it was March when we returned. And well, for the rest of the month too.
You know how it’s hard to get used to a new year for a few weeks/months? Yeah, I had that problem with March. The whole month. Regardless, it was a good month. Here’s what my Instagram had to say about it.


1. As previously mentioned, we spent the first 5 days of March in Mexico. I spent the first 5 hours weeks back in Wisconsin in pure denial that it was still winter here.

2. I deeply missed my kitchen while on vacay and couldn’t wait to bake some goodies. I went with these and they were fab!

3. Still in vacation withdrawal, I hung the mirror I bought so I can still “see myself” in Mexico every day.

4. One week of vacation eating, followed by one week of “I don’t have time to prep meals/cook/eat anything that requires effort” eating meant that green smoothies and fresh juices finally became a part of my daily routine again mid-March. The one shown here was inspired by this one.


5. When I finally got caught up at work and had a day off post-vacation, I took one whole day to sit around and do absolutely nothing but eat, watch tv, and snuggle my favorite little dude

6. I missed him so. Everything he does is so freakin’ cute. Particularly using his rope bone as a pillow, as so adorably displayed here.

7. St. Patrick’s Day brought about some inspiration. Turns out if you whip Bailey’s and heavy cream, it makes deliciously boozy whipped cream.

8. Deliciously boozy whipped cream makes a fan-flipping-tastic filling for The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake.


9. I pined over this hot pink Kitchen-Aid mixer at Target. My white mixer is great. It’ just not hot pink.

10. You know what sucks? Reaching in for an orange you bought at Trader Joe’s less than a week ago, only to find a fuzzy, rotten, orange. Not cool, TJ’s, not cool at all.

11. I gave myself a springy manicure. The next day I realized the my mani totally matched my shoes. Couldn’t have planned that if I’d tried.

12. Our Brewers season tickets finally came in the mail. We upgraded our seats this year. Four rows off the field, woo hooo!


13. Target has a new section near the gift wrap and cards. Something about “everything you need for a party table”? Anyway, I got totally sucked in the other day and found this hilarious book, which was perfect for a friend’s upcoming dinosaur-themed birthday party.

14. Dinosaur cupcake cake for aforementioned party. Making this was super fun in an “I-find-meticulous-all-day-baking-projects-super-fun” way.

15. I re-introduced myself to Yogi Tea. I was hooked on this stuff when I was on a green tea kick before my wedding. It was on sale last week so I bought a few boxes and I quickly remembered how much I love a few of the flavors!

16. Spring finally gave us a little tease with three consecutive days in the low 50s last week. Two of those days also included sunshine. You bet your bottom I was walking all over the place wearing my Ellie crops. I had to resist the urge to puddle jump out of pure sunshiny joy.


17. My work meeting last week involved discussing our new summer drink menu. As luck would have it, it also involved drinking our new summer drink menu. I love my job.

18. The sunshine and warmth brought about full-on spring cleaning mode. I donated five bags worth of clothes to Goodwill and found my desk. I even found room for my computer on my desk.

19. No matter the month, this guy is always just hangin’ around, being charming.

20. I spent Easter weekend at work. Luckily, the Easter Bunny paid a visit. I gave him bunny ears because duh.

Happy April!

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