Opening Day!

I’m not really into sports, but I will admit, I get pretty excited at the start of both college football and major league baseball season. College football here in Madison is kind of a big deal. Pair that with the gorgeous weather we have here at the start of the season, and it’s nearly impossible not to get into the outdoor tailgating festivities and join the sea of red at Camp Randall.

camp randall

Baseball season means that summer is right around the corner. It means attending games at the amazing Miller Park, my husband’s favorite place. This year it means new, upgraded season tickets, which also means getting to know our “new surroundings”. You know, figuring out how far it is to the nearest Colossal Bloody Mary station, finding the closest restroom, the really important things.

I learned my lesson about tailgating too early in the season a few years ago. It’s cold, windy, and not at all enjoyable. Sooo, I always let Justin bring his buddies to the first few games and I start attending towards the end of May. But just because we weren’t at the season opener yesterday doesn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate the start of the season at home!

I put on my favorite Brewers shirt first thing in the morning and also wore my I’m-really-excited-for-baseball-season face most of the day.


While I’m not much of a bratwurst lover myself, my dear husband loves the things and eats them at least once a week during the summer. I figured, why not surprise him with brats for dinner since we couldn’t go to the game?! I got creative with mine, throwing it on top of a bowl of sauteed sweet potato, peppers, onions, and spinach. I added some avocado too. Sounds weird, I know, but it was super yummy!


I had intended for us to drink beer as well, buuuut we sort of forgot.

The best part? The game went into extra innings and the Brewers won their season opener!

Yay for baseball season!!

Are you a baseball fan? Who do you root for? I know, I know, the season lasts forever and the players make wayyy too much money, but I just can’t help getting into it. Miller Park also plays a huge part in my love for baseball. It is seriously awesome. Even if you’re not a Brewers fan, you should make it a point to attend a game there sometime, it’s the best!

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