Man, oh, man. Does anyone feel like this week has just been a doozy?! Seriously. Work has been nutso (not necessarily a bad thing, just hard to keep up!), it will never. stop. raining. and turning on the news has been downright depressing.

The bombing at the Boston Marathon.

The fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

Kim Jong Un.

Wacky weather all over the place.

It’s just all. so. depressing.

I have a pretty sunny disposition by nature, but it’s even been difficult for me to stay positive with all of this crappy news being shoved in my face. I’m counting my blessings that I’m not directly affected by any of it, but I sure wish things would get sunnier, both literally and figuratively, all over the place.

I haven’t seen the sun for more than a few minutes innnnn….well, I’m not really sure. It has rained here just about every day for as long as I can remember. It’s also still pretty cold and a fun event I was looking forward to tomorrow has been canceled. While I’m bummed that the event isn’t happening, I’m kind of stoked that I get a bonus day off because of it. If this weather had warmed up a bit, I’d be baking cupcakes all day leading up to the event. Instead, I plan to stay in bed until about noon tomorrow, then the hubs and I are heading back home to hang with my mom and dad for the night, which will surely brighten my spirits.

Just in case you’re having “one of those weeks” too, here are a few things that have been making me smile despite all of the chaos. Hopefully they make you smile too. 🙂

This commercial.

The kid at the end just slays me. “What about the animals? What would, what did, what would THEY be made out of?” The hubby and I pretty much want to steal him right out of the TV.

This story.

This. Duh.
Particularly tracks 7, 9, 10 & 11.

My girl Holly D. Yelp thinks she’s awesome and so do I! Don’t you think she should start a blog?! Me too!


I don’t do Crossfit, nor do I follow a Paleo diet, but lately Juli’s recipes have really been speaking to me.

Earlier this week I made her Bicuits and Gravy. Yesterday I let my crockpot do most of the work and made her Easy Shredded Pork. I skipped “mashing” my plantains, but this meal was bomb diggity. [No doubt.]


Rain soaked smiles to you all. Happy almost weekend!

8 thoughts on “WHAT. A. WEEK.

  1. this made me so happy. i needed a post like this more than you know today. what with the weather, and other sad news in the world and close to home, this was awesome. and p.s. that little kid’s line in the commercial has become mine and MM’s catch phrase…it gets said at least twice a day at our house! xo.


    1. Yes! Same! We both drop everything to watch when it comes on, then imitate him at least a half a dozen times. Complete with hand gestures of course. I’d say I’m sending sunshine north for you but right now we’ve got grey, ominous clouds with a fun little snowy, sleety mix… internal sunshine it is! Happy Friday!


    1. Don’t thank me yet. Thank me when your blog, Madison Eats: A Guide to Dining in the Madtown, makes it big and restaurants pay you to visit. Thennnn, you can take me out to dinner as a thank you. 😉


  2. Heading over to check out her blog now…I love new recipes! All those ATT&T commercials are hilarious! I love the slow one about the cheetah and the grandmother!!! hilarious.


  3. This wk was like Groundhog’s Day where the constant grayness was like the same day over and over again. On Friday, I made the poor decision to drink on an empty stomach and R told me that I cried for an hour in a drunken haze about Boston… Too sad. Thx for the post T, that police made me smile.

    PS-Yes, to H doing a blog!!

    PPS-Can we go here when we see JT??? http://www.ldotcdot.com/2013/03/takito.html


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