It’s Gonna Be May

Oh heyyyyy, I know you guys. It’s been a while, huh? I was in a bit of a funk the last time I posted and decided to take a little break from the internet for a while. I read a few blogs here and there. Checked Facebook mayyyybe once a day. Instagram was still on the regular though. Those little filtered photos make me smile. Basically I decided that I spend a good majority of my work day on the computer, why not try something a little different when I get home?

So what have I been doing for the past couple of weeks?


I’ve been spending some time with family, friends, and this guy. He got a haircut. And then hid his ears.

I’ve been spending some time in the kitchen.

I’ve spent more than a few minutes getting ready for work on occasion. Also, I’m sporting a springier wardrobe despite the lack of actual spring we’ve had up until the past few days.

I’ve been catching up on the latest celeb dirt, as well as with my favorite bitches.

I suppose you could say I’ve just been living life, ignoring the depressing news and cruddy weather, soaking up the good and choosing to not let the bad weigh me down.


It was downright HOT here today. But in true Wisconsin form, it’s supposed to be back down into the 50s by the weekend. No biggie; I’ve got wedding gown shopping with my maid of honor (it’s her turn to be the bride soon!) on Friday, and a wedding on Saturday where I’ll meet back up with all of the girls I had so much fun with a few weeks ago.

I’m keepin’ it positive up in here.

After all…


You’re Welcome.

5 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be May

  1. haha, i was basically going to come and write the same thing as corey here…so ditto on the cute outfit (and the JT meme)! and i’ve missed you lady! i almost sent out a search party, but i completely understand and appreciate the internet fast. it can be so needed.


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